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Engineering encompasses the application of different scientific principles to promote and advance our works of daily life. There are various disciplines of engineering and Electrical engineering is one of them.

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What is Electrical Engineering?

It is one of the prime disciplines of engineering that deals with electromagnetism, electricity, and electronics. Design and management system of different electrical devices include in this field. Electrical engineers have a vast domain of work, and their work benefits almost every section of our life.

Like engineering itself, Electrical engineering is also divided into some domains. They are:

  • Power
  • Control
  • Electronics
  • Microelectronics
  • Signal processing
  • Telecommunication
  • Instrumentation
  • Computers

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Subjects to study in Electrical Engineering

Circuit Theory

Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, advanced and complex circuits are designed and used in even small devices. A circuit contains current sources, resistors, capacitors etc. Designing and maintenance of these circuits, their usage, and functions – everything has been elaborated in our homework help. Also, you’ll come to know about the laws, circuit topologies and types.

Control System

They are the devices or techniques that modulate the working discipline of other devices. The sensors of control system safeguards and after observing their performance, engineers make necessary corrections to get preferred performance. Manuals as electrical engineering help tutors assignment help is of real help.


Transformer is a device which converts low voltage into high voltage and vice-versa. It is based on electromagnetic induction. Transformers are used in power grids to generate and transform voltage for transmission over a long distance.

Transformers are two types: 

  • Step up transformers

In this case, total number of twirls that are present in secondary coil is higher in number than that of primary coils. Hence, output voltage is comparatively higher than input voltage range.

  • Step down transformers –

In this case, total number of coils that are available in secondary coils is less in number as that of primary coils. Naturally, output voltage is comparatively lower than input voltage rate.

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