Electrical Engineering Homework Solutions

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Ever wondered, what electrical engineers do? An electrical engineer designs electrical circuits and equipment. All the electric goods that make your life easy are being devised by electrical engineers. Can you imagine life without those electronic devices? No, is the answer. helpmeinhomework.com can assist you in the subject.

Why do students study electrical engineering?

  • It is easy to get that lucrative first job. Employers are always on the lookout for newly trained pass outs. Students studying electrical engineering at bachelor’s level are absorbed by companies as interns and train them on the job.
  • You can have lots of opportunities in electrical engineering. You can go to other countries and work. It is in demand globally.
  • You will have varied options to study. Do you think, you will be only dealing with electronic devices? You are wrong. This subject will open a whole lot of opportunities for you. You can also study inter-related disciplines in radio-frequency, signals, microelectronics, control systems, telecommunications and many more.
  • Each day will be anew day for you. Every day you will be discovering new circuits and phases. When you plug in two wires and get a jolt of current, you can get a high like many others. Electrical engineering homework solutions will make the study easier.
  • You will never have to rely on the lousy electrician next door. Gone will be the days of harassment in the hands of the pesky electrician. You will be able to mend things on your own.

Electrical Engineering as a subject

It is the design and maintenance of electrical circuits and devices. Some electrical engineering courses are also of utility in mechanical and civil engineering. The various modules you can study are mathematics, communications engineering, signal, engineering systems and principles, software engineering design, telecommunications, power supply electronics, electromagnetism, power engineering, digital design and many more.Help Me in Homework will have solutions to all assignments and homework that you may have.

Assignments in Electrical Engineering

We will help in your assignments in the subject. There are numerous laws and theorems like Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s law, and Super position theorem, Norton’s Theorem, Compensation Theorem, Millman’s Theorem and many more. Get ready to explore this field with electrical engineering homework solutions.

Now let us see, what these laws and theorems are all about.

Ohm’s law is all about parallel circuits and the calculation of current. Now, this law is inter-related with Kirchhoff’s law, when the parallel circuits consist of e.m.f sources. Sounds confusing, right? This is where we come into the picture. We will provide electrical engineering homework solutions in such problem areas.

Electromagnetism – an important topic in electrical engineering

This topic entails the study of magnetic fields, important terminologies, classification of magnetic materials, flux, magnetic materials, magnetizing forces and such other topics.

Problems in electrical engineering which students need help in

There are various problems, for e.g. a circuit diagram might be given and you may be asked to find the voltage and current passing through it. Also, you may be expected to find out the power generated and energy conserved.

Other problems include, you being given a black box with three terminals from which you need to measure the resistance through ohm-meter. Electrical engineering assignment solutions can help you in solving such problems.

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