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What is electromagnetism?

Electromagnetism is a branch physic that is learnt by the students of electrical engineering. This branch includes the concept of electromagnetic force which is a kind of physical interaction. It comes between the particles that are electrically charged.

Electromagnetic force generally presents electromagnetic areas such as light, electric fields and magnetic fields. This is one the one fundamental interaction among four in nature. Another three are gravitation, weak interaction and strong interaction. If you are thinking how to make the homework of this topic, you can tell us and can avail guidance of Electromagnetism Assignment Help from helpmeinhomework.com.

Fundamental forces:

Except electromagnetic force, there are three forces.

These are:

  • Strong nuclear force:

This binds quarks for forming nucleons and nuclei.

  • Weak nuclear force:

This binds all particles that are present in standard model.

  • Gravitational force

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Quantum mechanics:

  • Quantum electrodynamics
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Electroweak interaction

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Quantities and units:

Electromagnetic units are found in the system of electrical units.The units that are learnt by the students are:

  • Farad
  • Ohm
  • Ampere
  • Henry
  • Coulomb
  • Volt
  • Siemens
  • Watt
  • Weber
  • tesla

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Problems of pupils of the electrical engineering students:

  • It is very natural that students of the electrical engineering have to face various types of difficult aspects and they have to learn them properly and in detail.
  • They have to do mathematics that is difficult for them to complete in the assignments. Sometimes this is complicated to do for these students.
  • They have to understand various types of theories and they must know the difference between them.
  • When they study the fundamental forces in this electromagnetism, they cannot clear their doubts.
  • Students face the difficulties at the time of learning Quantum mechanics.

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