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What is Emotional Intelligence?

It is a mannered skill for controlling one’s emotions. One cannot burst out their every feeling. One must groom themselves to shape their beliefs and learn the skills of expressing it without hurting others.

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The importance of controlling the emotions:

  1. By this method, you can focus and recognise an emotional situation. If you are able to keep your calm and anxiety-free, you can find a way to handle such situations.
  2. You can minimise the nervous breakdown your body and mind experience while experiencing these paranoid situations. So, you tend to avoid depressions, anxiety attacks.
  3. You can understand the emotions of people surrounding you.  So, you can support them and console them according to their will without hurting their feelings.
  4. A calm behaviour is always welcoming and able to win the minds of people in a society and gathering. You can control other people and come up with new ideas in case of chaotic situations.

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