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Importance of the topic

Earthquake begins when the earth’s surface begins to shake. It is caused when energy gets released from the lithosphere which results in the creation of seismic waves. Earthquakes are responsible for massive destruction around the world. The destruction caused by an earthquake depends on its magnitude which is measured by Richter scale.  Seismometers are very helpful in measuring earthquakes.

This topic is very important for the students who are related to the subject of geography or disaster management and it will help them to know that with crushing of the tectonic plates earthquakes occur and can be so strong that it can alter the surface of earth. It can also lead to landslides, tsunamis, fires and avalanches. The frequency of earthquakes and their intensity level varies from place to place.

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The problems encountered by students related to this topic

When we talk about the topic of earthquake then one must understand that it is very wide in coverage. It covers concepts such as its meaning, different causes of its occurrence, types of earthquake, epicenter and seismic waves, foreshock, aftershock, the movement of tectonic plates, damage assessment, the process of measurement and calculation of magnitude, the different instruments to be used, prediction mechanism for earthquakes, areas which are frequently affected by it, how to minimize its impact and knowing the signs in advance, case studies related to earthquake and a lot more.

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