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What is EOQ?

Before understanding what we offer to our clients at helpmeinhomework.com, it is important to know about EOQ.

The term EOQ is ashorter version of economic order quantity. It is a topic dealt exclusively in accounting and is understood as the appropriate amount of good which can be bought at a given time to bring the total costs of ordering down at a minimal level and holding or carrying items in inventory over a year or on an annual basis.

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Finding the value through formulae

When it comes to finding the value of EOQ, it must be noted that it is optimum lot size. Therefore the equation is:

The square root of twice the total annual demand in units multiplied again by the cost of incremental process of an order divided by the increase in value per unit to carry items in inventory.

The equation stands as:

√ (2SD)/ (PI)

Importance of EOQ

The EOQ Assignment Help is usually required because this topic is essential for students. There are several important aspects of this topic which are as follows:

  • Calculation of the value correctly helps reduce costs of the inventory when it comes to any organization
  • It helps in maintaining efficiency as the company officials know the amount which needs to be ordered, retained, replaced and costs which come with these functions.
  • Generation of new sales and boosting sales becomes easier with the help of this useful tool.

Therefore it can be concluded that if the right source of EOQ Homework Helpis used, then the pupils will face no difficulty in handling the various issues which arise as a result of difficulty in understanding theory or mathematical formulae.

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