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Mastering Equity Shares Types of Equity Shares with online help

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Learning about equity shares

An equity share can be defined as a share which is owned both by the company and shareholder. There are risks associated with acquiring equity shares. However, those who own these shares are given the status of members and can vote in company decision making processes.

Those who possess equity shares are not simply members with rights of voting but have power over the way organisation functions as well. The shareholders receive a dividend on these shares from preference shareholders. All these concepts are explained in an elucidated manner via Equity Shares Types of Equity Shares Homework Help.

Types of equity shares

While studying equity shares,a student comes across various types of equity shares which need to be mentioned in their assignment. Highly popular equity share types are:

  • Issued share capital is offered to those who invest in the company
  • Subscribed capital of shares refers to a number of shares the investor has decided to accept.
  • The maximum quantity of shares which can be used as equity shares is the authorised share capital.
  • Paid up capital is the volume provided by the source of investment.
  • Rights share is that amount provided to the shareholders which are already associated with the company
  • Equity Shares Types of Equity Shares Homework Help also deal with bonus shares which are provided as part of dividend.
  • Sweat equity shares are given to special persons associated with a business.

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Mastering concepts

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