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Erlang programming language is considered to be a general-purpose language that is also considered to be garbage collecting and simultaneous programming language. This type of programming language also serves the runtime system. This is a chronological derivative of Erlang that has single assignment, dynamic data entry as well as a very strong calculation. This programming language concurrently follows actor model.

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Origin of Elang programming language

This language was first launched as a proprietary language in the year 1986. However it was later re-launched as an open source language. Erlang was finally engineered by Ericsson who helped this programming language to become fault tolerant, non-stop and soft real time application. Erlang programming language also supports hot swapping which means that you can get the code of this programming language replaced without restarting the system.

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What is Erlang programming language and how does it work?

It has been observed that in most programming languages different threads are viewed as areas that are highly complex. It is also prone to a lot of errors. Erlang language helps in bringing about certain developments in the language level itself. This development helps in both creating processes as well as handling them with ease. It also helps in simplifying synchronized programming for different programming languages.

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Erlang is one programming language that has very clear concurrency. These processes exchange data through messaging and not through shared variables. As a result you do not need locks in these programming languages. Development concepts of Erlang are quite similar to build system of this language.

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