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What is exchange rate?

Exchange rate is the worth of one country’s currency in comparison of another country’s currency. This rate is very important to understand the economic strength of one nation.

Exchange rate of a developed country is always higher in comparison to a developing country.

It has two very important constituents.

  • Domestic Currency.
  • Foreign Currency.

Types of exchange rate quotation:

There are two different way to quote.

  • Direct quotation

It expresses the rate of a single unit of a foreign country’s currency in terms of a country’s own currency

  • Indirect quotation

In this case the value of the domestic currency in terms of foreign currency.

Cross rate is where two currencies are exchanged in a country where both the currencies are not of that country.

The dollar is much accepted as base currency by many nations. But there are some exception also like the Britain pound, Euro, New Zealand Dollar, etc.

Types of exchange rates: 

Exchange rates are of two types.

  • Fixed rate

Central banks of every country decide this rate. It is done against the most important currencies of the world like a dollar.

This rate has no fluctuation regarding the value and is not depending on the fluctuation of foreign exchange market. Buying and selling of base and foreign currencies are done in this case to maintain a balance rate.

  • Floating rate.

As the name suggests, it keeps on fluctuating as per the foreign exchange market. The interest rates of the central bank along with the debt level and economic condition of a country play a very important role in deciding this rate.

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What is the function of exchange rate?

After going through these entire think it is understood that this exchange rate gives us a clear indication of the value of one country’s currency against a foreign currency.

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