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What is an executive information system?

An executive information system (EIS) is also called an executive support system. It acts as a management information system. The system allows senior executives of a company to collect information and also helps in decision-making. With the help of EIS, managers can easily access internal and external information relevant to organizational goals.

The information system underscores graphical displays and user-friendly interfaces along with powerful reporting and drill-down potentials.  Generally, the executive information system is an enterprise-wide decision support system, facilitating higher executives analysing, comparing, and highlighting trends in important variables. The system is helpful in monitoring performance as well as identifying opportunities and problems.

What is performance dashboard?

Performance dashboard is a tool which translates the strategy of an organization into objectives, metrics, initiatives, and tasks tailored to each group and individual in an organization. Like executive information system, it acts as a performance management system. It communicates strategic goals and allows business people to assess, monitor, and handle the major activities and processes required to accomplish their objectives.

Both are very broad terms and hides lots of information. Our executive information systems and performance dashboards homework help team clarifies all the concepts related to the topic.

How does executive dashboard work?

Understanding the working principle of executive dashboard becomes very easy with our expert guides. It works by connecting application programming interfaces and business systems you are using currently.

The dashboard gathers all the information into one place thus you don’t have to log into different systems.

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Our executive information systems and performance dashboards assignment help can explain to you how useful performance dashboards are. They deliver the correct information to genuine users at a correct time. It enables them to optimize decisions, enhance efficiency, and accelerate-line results.

Benefits of Performance Dashboards are given below:

  • Communicating strategy
  • Refining policy
  • Improve visibility
  • Increase coordination and motivation
  • Provide a consistent view of the business
  • Cut costs and redundancy
  • Users empowerment
  • Delivery of actionable information

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