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Factoring is a topic in finance,and here you will come to know that how a company sells its account receivables or you can say invoices to the factor, which is basically a third party at a discount. It is a very useful topic and has real life applicability for businesses. To understand all the aspects of this topic, you must grab Factoring Homework Help.

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What Is The Topic Of Factoring All About?

Sometimes the business may need cash immediately and may not have the sufficient resources to fulfill its obligations. During such a time it will give the right to its accounts receivables to a third party which is generally described as a factor, at a rate of discount and thus will get immediate cash from this arrangement.

In this way, the present cash needs of the business are solved with the process of factoring,and the third party gets the benefit of availing accounts receivable at a discount, which is a profit in such a transaction. In the financial markets factoring arrangements are common where one party may help the other in times when cash is in shortage.

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Concepts that are covered under the topic Factoring

Various concepts covered under the topic Factoring are discussed as follows-

  • Meaning of factoring.
  • Need and importance of factoring in business scenario.
  • Rationale behind factoring.
  • The process of factoring.
  • Discounting process and calculation criteria involved with accounts receivables.
  • Factoring fee analysis.
  • Advance rate and reserve account.
  • Analysis on spot factoring.
  • Features of long run contracts and minimums.
  • Different types of factoring arrangements.
  • The choice of notification or non-notification in factoring process.
  • The treatment of factoring transaction in accounts.
  • Principles behind factoring.
  • Other forms of specialized factoring like real estate factoring, medical factoring, construction factoring.
  • History of factoring.
  • The terms and conditions of contract of factoring.
  • Mathematical and numerical analysis, case studies and project reports.

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