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Presentation of the Factors affecting WACC

There are several factors which can be illustrated that affect the WACC. The most prominent of them are stated below:

  • Capital structure policy 

Under this policylevel of interest rate affects the cost of debt and the cost of equity. When interest increases, debt increases and thereby the cost of capital also goes up.

  • Dividend policy

Under the various factors covered under Factors Affecting WACC homework, help dividend policy Investment policy deals withpayment ratio of a company. The ratio concerns the equity and internal costs generated.

  • Level of interest rates

The level of interest rates is usually concerned with the effect it has on cost of debt. As interest rates increase, debt increases and ultimately this increases cost of capital.

  • Tax rates 

The tax rates affect after-cost of debt. If tax rate goes up, then the debt falls, and in turn, the cost of capital goes down of the WACC.

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