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FAQ of Help Me in Homework for Students

1) What is Help Me in Homework?

A: We are a team of experts providing online assignment and homework assistance to our clients to help them get best grades and providing instant solution to all their doubts and queries.

2) Why I should choose Help Me in Homework when there are other websites providing the same service?

A: We have a faculty of certified and experienced experts who have in depth knowledge and practical experience in their field. Our students can utilize our online services anytime and anywhere. The services we offer are highly affordable and convenient.

3) What is the process to submit homework or assignments to Help Me in Homework?

A: Students can submit their assignments/homework by uploading it on our website, send an email to us.

4) How much do I need to pay in order to get my assignment of homework done?

A: The amount we charge from the students varies from assignment to assignment. Once you submit your assignment/ homework, we go through the details and analyze the assignment. Post analysis we send a quotation, which is affordable to our students so that a large number of students can benefit from it and easily utilize our services to excel as well a get high grades.

5) How can I check the status of my homework/Assignment?

A: After placing the order of services for your homework/ assignment you can check the status of your assignment/homework online. You can also seek help of our chat support team and they will provide you the required information. The support team can also be contacted via Phone and they can check the progress of your assignment and provide you status update.

6) Which subjects do you provide assistance for?

A: We provide assignment and homework solutions for a number of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Computers, Finance, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering and IT etc. to name a few.

7) How qualified are the experts who work on the assignments?

A: The experts who work on your assignments/Homework are highly qualified and have Masters/ Doctorate in their field. The have extensive experience of providing online assistance on assignments and homework as well as teaching experience. They are aware about the latest patterns and expected level of performance by schools, colleges and universities.

8) Is the method of Payment secure?

A: The methods of payment are fully secure and our payment gateway ensures that your payment is processed securely. No unauthorized users can access our payment gateway.

9) In how much time your team responds once a query is placed?

A: Our team provides the service to the customer around the clock and we usually respond to our customer’s request within 15 to 30 minutes of placing request on our system.

10) How much Time is required to finish my assignment?

A: We finish the assignment on the basis of urgency that you have. We also offer services where the assignment is completed and provided to you same day. As soon as the payment is made the assignment/ homework request is assigned to an appropriate person. The person starts working on it immediately and delivers it to you before the deadline most of the times.

11) Is my information and assignment content safe?

A: Any personal information that you provide us is never shared with any outside agency or third party and totally safe. We also ensure that any information that you provide us related to your assignment is also never leaked. We understand that it may contain critical scientific data or information that should not be shared with anyone.

12) How will I be intimated if the Payment is received successfully?

A: Once we receive the payment for an assignment we have a policy of sending an email with the details of the payment received for a particular assignment.

13) What should I do if I do not receive my assignment by mutually decided date?

A: Help Me in Homework team makes it a point to deliver all the assignments on the mutually decided date. Though this may be a very rare occurrence still if a delay is expected in the submission of the assignment, we usually send an email to the student explaining the reason of the delay and ask for extension. Our website provides you the facility to track your assignment progress and in case you have any problems or complaints you can contact our support team anytime.

14) Do you give same assignment to different students?

A: We never give the same assignment solutions to 2 different clients. Even if we get the same assignment request we assign it to different users so that no two assignments are ever same. We pride ourselves to provide completely original assignment and homework solutions.

15) What can I do in case I am not satisfied with the services provided by you?

A: Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. In case you find any issues with the quality of content that we provide, you can directly contact us and share with us the details. We will incorporate the required changes or suggestions without any additional charges.

16) Can I suggest any last minute changes to the assignment?

A: We entertain any last minute changes to the assignments if required. Our experts will ensure the assignment is updated as per the new requirements.

17) How can I make the Payment for the Assignment or homework help?

A: You can make the payment via Credit card, Debit Card (MasterCard /Visa) and also with the PayPal account. Our payment gateway is fully secure, reliable and flexible.

18) How the Process works?

A: You need to submit your assignment of homework to us via email of through or webpage. Our experts then go through the details and evaluate your assignment. After that they will send a price quotation. Once you make the payment then our professional expert starts working on the assignment. The solutions are sent to you via email well before the deadline. In case of any doubts or questions or any modifications you can always contact us again and we will be really glad to assist you.