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Performance is measured in every aspect of life. In the field of business generally two types of performance exist, oneis financial performance, and other is nonfinancial performance. A business organisation is assimilation of several entities like

  1. Labors
  2. Officers and employees
  3. Managers
  4. Suppliers
  5. Investors
  6. Owner(s)

The company’s overall growth depends on the performance of these entities. So, Individual or group performance plays a significant role in the field of business, and it is necessary to measure for company’s betterment.

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A fair idea about the topic 

The performance of an organisation can be measured on the basis of some factors, termed as key performance indicator (KPI). Through KPI the activity of an entity regarding a specific job target can be monitored and marked. The KPI for financial ground basically is determined on the basis of some such factors which are directly related to company’s financial achievements. For example:

  1. Production ability
  2. sales and marketing
  3. Advertisement
  4. payment collection
  5. Income statement of a company
  6. Balance sheet

Nonfinancial KPI does not affect directly to the financial condition of the business. But in the long run, it creates a great impact and effect on the financial status of a company.  They are:

  1. Behavioral attitude
  2. Relation with all Customers.
  3. Academic qualification of the employee
  4. Bonding with the supplier and investors

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It is a critical challenge

KPI of an organisation for an individual or a team is fixed by the management of that organisation. It is really challenging to determine which factors are most important for the growth of that organisationat that point of time. On the basis of those factors, KPI is determined. So, to realise the situation and to understand the significance of the matter special learning, intelligence and skill are required.These all are very crucial and challenging hence, not so easy to adapt. Special training and assistance are required, and only we with our financial and nonfinancial performance measures homework help can give you that support.

Significance of measuring performance

Performance measurement through KPI helps a lot for overall growth of a company. For example:

  1. Helps management to understand employee’s individual performance.
  2. Helps to take some better strategy for company’s growth.
  3. Helps to focus on overall success of the company for long run.

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