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Financial management process of a company decides plans and controls the finance department to achieve certain pre-determined objectives. We know it’s difficult for you to understand the process as they are intertwined with too many complicacies and analysis. Often we find students reeling under the pressure of learning the subject. We have come up with a solution financial management process assignment help. It’s an online guide from helpmeinhomework to enable you learn the subject with élan and improve your grades.

Financial management process homework help discuses how the management is concerned with raising financial resources to utilize them effectively in achieving organizational goals.

Scope of financial management process:

  • Anticipation: A financial management process evaluates and estimates the financial need of an organization.
  • Acquisition: This process includes raising resources mainly finance for the organization from various sources.
  • Allocation: The firm allocates the available finance effectively to purchase fixed and current assets for the company. The firm calculates the investment on finance depending on the allocation of resource.
  • Appropriation: By this process, the company profit is divided among stakeholders, debenture holders etc.
  • Assessment: This process controls the financial activities of the organization.

Goals or objective of financial management homework help

Our uniquely placed online guide lists in detail the organizational objective, a financial management process purses to achieve. They are as follows:

  • Profit maximization
  • Wealth maximization
  • Estimation of financial requirement of the firm
  • Mobilization of resources
  • Utilization of finance
  • Maintaining proper cash flow
  • Survival of company
  • Creating reserves
  • Smooth , hassle free co-ordination
  • Creating goodwill of the company
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Reducing cost of capital
  • Financial discipline to avoid any scams and masquerading of money
  • Prepare capital structure

Challenges faced by students while writing assignment:

We have mentioned wealth maximization and profit maximization in the same list. Aren’t they supposed to be the two sides of same coin? Well, apparently they aren’t.

  • Financial management process homework help goes on discussing the different concepts elaborately.
  • Wealth maximization is a technique that increases the net worth of shareholders’ capital gains of the company as against the traditional technique of profit maximization.
  • Profit maximization on the other hand, deploys all available resource to increase profit irrespective of risks involved.
  • Most firms apply profit maximization as a short-run strategy.
  • Financial management process involves management of financial records and accounting.
  • Accountants are more concerned with budget, taxes, audit and business operations.
  • Financial analysts’ expertise in stocks, debentures, investments for the benefits of the firm.

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