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Are you trying to work on an assignment on financial reporting? In accounting, students are often baffled by various topics. One such topic is financial reporting. It becomes an important aspect of accounting. Financial reporting is an important part of corporate administration as without which the company would not function properly. It records all the financial transactions and states the profitability of the company. As a result, new strategies can be formed based on that to counter such effects.

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What is financial reporting?

Financial reporting is the disclosure of financial information to the stakeholders of the company about how a company has performed financially and what’s its financial position over a period of time. The stakeholders include numerous entities, from investors to creditors to debt providers and the public. The reporting can be done on a monthly, quarterly or an annual basis based on the company. Financial reporting assignment help can assist the students to understand the various aspects of it.

What is the purpose of financial reporting?

Without a purpose, any of the accounting components will cease to exist. Similarly, financial reporting to hold a purpose. It primarily has two purposes. The first is to inform the management about the current status of the company so that they can take effective decisions based upon their objectives and strategies. It allows the management to judge its financial position as well as concentrate on the strength and weaknesses.

Secondly, it provides information about the activities of the company and about the financial health as well. It informs its stakeholders whether the company is being run properly or not.

Components of financial reporting

There are various components of financial accounting which can be better illustrated by financial reporting assignment help. These include:

  • Financial statements like balance sheet, cash flow statement, etc.
  • Notes related to financial statements.
  • Prospectus of the company
  • Discussion and analysis of the management of the company
  • Quarterly and annual reports.

Importance of financial reporting

  • It helps the companies to follow statutory regulations and rules under the government or the state to function successfully.
  • It forms the very foundation for analysis, planning, and decision making related to finance that benefits stakeholder.
  • Enables statutory audit.
  • Helps to raise domestic and overseas capital.

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