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Treasury management or treasury operations are management of an enterprise’s holdings with a goal to maximize firm’s liquidity and reduce operational, financial and reputational risk.

Treasury management deals with the below activities of a firm:

  • Firm’s collections
  • Its disbursements
  • Concentration
  • Investment
  • Funding activities

If the organization is a multi-national or a corporate giant, trading in bonds, currencies, derivatives and financial risk management comes under the purview of treasury management.

Forex and treasury management homework help states both banks and non-bank entities have separate team to handle treasury management.

Bank treasuries, to point out have the following departments

  • A fixed income or money market desk that takes care of trading in interest bearing securities
  • A foreign exchange desk that trades in currencies
  • A capital market or equity desk that deals in listed shares in stock exchanges

The objective of the treasury management is as below:

  • Maintaining liquidity
  • Optimizing cash resources
  • Managing short-term financing by having an easy access without blockage of fund
  • Medium and long term financing capability with necessary liquidity
  • Maintenance of shareholder relations
  • Risk management arising out of various investment and legal hedging practices
  • Coordinating financial functions and sharing financial information

Forex and treasury management homework help discusses in detail the functions performed by the treasury department.

Cash forecasting

  • Compile all the floating data of the company from various department to create ongoing cash forecast.
  • The team takes help of accounting records, the budget, capital budget, and board minutes to check the payout of dividend.
  • The CEO of the firm gets involved in the process to discuss the expenditure in case of acquisitions.

Monitoring of working capital

  • Periodic review of corporate policies in reference to working capital
  • Reviewing the financial model followed by the firm and bring about necessary changes according to existing situation
  • Keep a tab on cash flows

Cash concentration

  • Effective investment of cash by putting it into a centralized account
  • Team may resort to notional pooling or cash sweeps


  • Design and develop corporate investment policy to allocate excess cash to various investments
  • Ensuring maximum liquidity of the investment from cash

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