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Format of Cash Flow Statement- in detail 

Cash flow statement is a subject matter of immense calculations and lengthy format. Resolving problems only helps when you know how to develop a proper format with correct items. To gain knowledge about the same, it is significant and assures great scores if you opt for Format of Cash Flow Statement homework help. 

  • Computing cash flow 

Cash flows are either payments or receipts. It is usually calculated as a missing figure. For instance, when opening balance of an asset, liability or equity is reconciled to the closing balance making use of information from statement of profit or loss, this balancing figure is cash flow.

  • Activities in cash flow 

A declaration of cash flow constitutes of three main sections-

  • Cash generated from the operating activity

This is the primary section and must be on top of the solution. This section comprises the cash generated from ‘principle revenue generation operations’ such as purchases and sales of supplies and services. Money flow from the operating activities can be calculated by making use of two methods- Direct and Indirect method.

  • Cash flows from investing activity

Cash generated from investing actions is internal cash flows that relate to the activities, which generate the profits, and cash flows in the future. This section consists of cash-in-flows plus cash out-flows from the sale and the purchase of fixed assets.

  • Cash generated from financing activity

Cash generated from financing activities are the cash flows that relates to the transaction with creditors and the stockholders like issuance of the share capital, making purchase of the treasury stock yet dividend payments.

  • Format 

Cash generated from operating actions

Operating income

Profit on sale of the land

Loss on the sale of equipment


Increase in account receivable

Reduction- accounts payable

Reduction- payment expenses

Reduction-accrued expenses

=Net cash from operating activity

Cash generated from investing activity

Sale of the equipment

Purchase of the equipment

Sale of the land

=Net cash generated from investing activity

Cash flow as of financing activity

Payment of the dividends

Sum of bonds payable

=Net cash generated as of financing activities

Net alter in cash

starting cash balance

Sending cash balance

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