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Geotechnical Engineering or Geotech is an important part of the study of Civil Engineering. It involves the study of physical properties such as soil, rocks and behavior of earth components. The study involves measuring thermal resistivity of soils, or backfill materials put to use for underneath transmission lines, radioactive waste disposals and gas and oil pipelines. This subject covers an array of topics, usually which students get in their mid-term or annual assignments. With each topic involving a complexity of its own, students find them a difficult pill to swallow on most cases.

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An insight on geotech and its significant aspects:

Primarily concerning the behavior and performance of earth soil and rocks, this study also involves the knowledge on storage systems, embankments and reducing occurrences of soil erosion.

Other significant aspects include-

  • Soil mechanics (which also includes the condition of subsurface)
  • Inspecting the physical, chemical and mechanical components of the soil having the feasibility to influence crucial projects
  • The sturdiness of caves, tunnels and excavations along with proper inspection of earth pressure and geotechnical perils

In lieu of all these crucial aspects, students learning Geotech will also learn the proper methodologies of bearing capacity, structure of soil foundation and adequacy of retaining walls. Along with this, this subject also includes coastal engineering which deals with anchor system, off-shore structures and oil platforms.

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Common assignment questions which give geotech regularly get:

For better understanding of their students, most of the educational institutions present students with different field questions of the subject matter. Though some of them are reasonable, some really give headaches to students.

Here are some of those questions:

  1. Different modes of Cliff stabilization
  2. Present an adequate introduction to Pile formation
  3. Explain the top practices for constructing foundations
  4. Modes of managing soil erosion using Geosynthesis
  5. Highlight the best equipment for soil compaction
  6. Stating the best modes of soil preservation

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