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Understanding the concept of Modigliani-Miller Model:

As one of the most important facets of capital structure, this model depicts the details of economic and financial studies. Its primary aim is to analyze what value (albeit, in economic terms), a particular organization or a business institution holds and in regards to that its market position is calculated.

Every company has a certain amount of earning power, and its risks are not related to financial investments made by that company, neither power of its assets. Another very important point to note in this regard is that, while financial position of a particular company is decided the market is taken to be in a hypothetic situation, wherein perfect market conditions prevail. Hence, it is only the earning power of a specific organization is concerned and this value is independent.

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Facets and assumptions associated with this subject:

This Modigliani-Miller Model concept is an important segment of approaching capital structure related issues. Here, if you consult our Modigliani-Miller Model homework help, you would find 2 propositions.

  1. When concerned with value of a firm, capital structure does not hold any relevance.
  2. When financial leverage is concerned, there is a rise in expected earning of that company. But that does not change value associated with that firm.

In such a scenario, it is important that students concern themselves more with the area that requires presence of this model.

Primary assumptions that are associated with Modigliani-Miller Model:

There are certain assumptions that are made before you can use this model. These include:

  1. There is no transaction or tax cost associated with this.
  2. The borrowing cost that is available for use is similar for both consumers as well as investors.
  3. Both investors, as well as associated companies, have similar information resulting in formation of symmetry.
  4. The debts that a particular company has in its domain does not concern taxes and interest rates charged by that company.

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A special touch

Since this Modigliani-Miller Model deals with market value in terms of future growth process, it is imperative that students pay more attention to growth prospects. So, how would you determine that?

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