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What the topic of heat transfer is all about?

Heat transfer is generally related to the process of exchanging of the thermal energy amongst the various physical systems. The temperatures of the different systems involved in the process as well as the features of the medium by which the transfer of heat takes place helps in determining the rate of heat transfer. The 3 main modes by which heat can be transferred are radiation, conduction and convection.

It is basically the flowing mechanism of energy in the heat form and it makes use of the law of thermodynamics. Heat gets transferred from high temperature zone to the lower temperature zone. It changes the internal energy of the associated systems and the process stops when a state of thermal equilibrium is attained.

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The problems faced by students in completing their assignment related to heat transfer

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Study of various aspects like heat transfer process in human body, engineering related to climate , different cooling techniques, storing thermal energy is also a part of heat transfer concept.

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