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Cash and liquidity management are the core areas of finance, and one must know about these topics in detail for getting mastery over the subject. There are so many aspects of this topic that you may get confused while completing its homework and that’s when you will feel the need of availing Cash and Liquidity Management Homework Help.

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What is cash and liquidity management all about?

The aspects of cash and liquidity in relation to a financial enterprise depict that how much cash the organisation has to meet its short-term obligations and which are those assets that can be easily converted into cash as and when the need arises. Thus the topic of cash and liquidity management will tell you that how current assets are able to meet the current liabilities.

An organisation needs to have sufficient cash for its day to day activities as well as for any unforeseen events. Therefore a sufficient liquidity level is required at all the times so that the functioning of the business is not hampered in any way. No matter how liberal the credit terms in a business are, but without sufficient measures for maintaining cash and liquidity, all the work will come to a standstill. Thus availing Cash and Liquidity Management Homework Help is highly essential to understand all these things in detail.

Areas where you may get stuck

You may face difficulty in understanding the following concepts in cash and liquidity management-

  • Methods of collecting as well as managing cash.
  • Short-term investment of cash without affecting liquidity.
  • How to ensure financial stability and solvency at all the times.
  • How quickly an asset can be sold in the market for providing sufficient liquidity.
  • Utilisation of cash for day to day running of the business.
  • Optimal management of cash and liquidity aspects to avoid underutilization and overutilization.
  • The concepts of receivable and payable management.
  • Understanding accounting liquidity and market liquidity.
  • Methods of measuring the exact level of liquidity and cash flow in an organisation.
  • Understanding ratios like financial ratio, current ratio, quick ratio,etc. to calculate the exact scenario of liquidity in a company.
  • The analysis of cash and liquidity by looking at the financial statements and cash flow statements.
  • Preparation of cash budget, making short-term investments and implementing control for cash and liquidity management.

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