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The idea of health care economics:

Health care economics is actually branch of economics that discusses about the issues which are related to effectiveness, efficiency, behaviour and value in the consumption and production of healthcare and health. In broad sense, health economists learn about health-affecting behaviours and healthcare systems. Their responsibility is to evaluate about various kinds of information: expenditures, charges and costs.

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The scope of health care economics is divided into eight topics by Alan Williams.

These are:

  • What actually influences healthcare?
  • Demand for healthcare
  • What is the importance of health and what is health?
  • Micro-economic evaluation at any treatment level
  • Supply for healthcare
  • Evaluation at entire system level
  • Market equilibrium
  • Monitoring mechanisms, budgeting and planning

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Roles of healthcare persons:

There are three roles of people in the health economics. These are:

  • Citizens
  • Consumers
  • Contributors
  • Provides
  • Health care markets:
  • There are five healthcare markets. These are:
  • Institutional service market
  • Nurses and physicians services
  • Professional education market
  • Healthcare financing market
  • Input factors market

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