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‘Health is wealth’ so we need to take care of our health and physic. Students you may learn the subject perfectly with our Health Care Management assignment help. For your kind information, we must be careful about our physic though proper maintenance and protection. Our physical condition can be maintained perfectly, with clean and fresh environments, proper diet, balance food and exercises. And we can protect it from nature, several diseases, microbes and any kind of injuries with the help of proper diagnosis, aids, medicines and doctors. So we can say that different factors are involved in health care.

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Bit about the subject

This is mainly a welfare service provided by several health professionals. The professionals who are involved in this profession are classified in different categories as per their activities, like

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Hospital authority
  • Pharmacist
  • Pathologist
  • Others

This service procedure was established to provide all the necessary support to human physic. But it varies country to country and nation to nation as different countries have different  policies under their jurisdiction.  But the basic factors are determined by W.H.O

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Several divisions

This health care procedure or life support is performed by a team and it is divided in several categories on the basis of patient’s illness, locality, hospitality etc.

  • Primary support
  • Secondary support
  • Tertiary support
  • Quaternary support
  • Community support

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Career options

There are lots of career options such as:

  • Jobs for Ambulatory system
  • Jobs in health care association
  • Jobs in a Hospital
  • Jobs in public health agencies
  • Jobs in Medical team
  • Others

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