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Are you a student of Science? Then you must have come across the topic of Heat Transfer in your syllabi. Physics as well Chemistry are two of the basic subjects that needs to be studies by the students of Science and every stream of higher education that involves Physics and Chemistry, needs the students to understand Heat Transfer in details. That is why; you must take heat transfer assignments seriously. We, at helpmeinhomework.com have developed our heat transfer assignment help services for your benefit.

What is Heat?

Before you try and understand what heat transfer is, you need to understand what heat is. For that you need to have a clear concept of matter that we explain in details in all our heat transfer homework help services. Every matter is made up of atoms and molecules. These atoms and molecules are always in motion. The motion is of various kinds –

  • Rotational
  • Translational
  • Vibrational.

The motion creates thermal energy or heat. The higher is the motion of these atoms and molecules, the more heat will be generated from a matter.

What is Heat Transfer?

At helpmeinhomework.com we understand that students face trouble in understanding how heat is transferred. So, we have designed our heat transfer assignment help services to make sure that you understand the process easily and do well in your assignments and exams.

As already mentioned, heat is a form of energy; it is but obvious that this energy can travel from one place to the other. The product that has higher amount of heat energy, is of higher temperature and that with less heat energy, will have low temperature. Heat energy travels from higher system to lower system and this is called heat transfer.

How is Heat Transferred?

Heat travels from one place to the other in 3 ways. We describe this thoroughly in all our heat transfer homework help services. These methods are –

  • Conduction:

When two or more objects are in direct contact, the heat transfer is done is done in a certain way. This is called conduction.

  • Convection:

It is a characteristic of heat that warmer objects rise above the cooler objects and the cooler objects take the place of the warmer objects. Thus the transfer of heat in this method creates a continuous circulation pattern of heat. This is called convection.

  • Radiation:

When there is no contact between heated object and the source of heat, radiation is the method of heat transfer.

What we do?

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