How to Approach the Persuasive Research Paper Topics

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The persuasive research paper topics are something that you strongly believe in and you use the paper to convince the reader about it. The topic could be anything that you believe in and have a strong opinion about. It could also be something that you have a clear and a precise argument about. Writing a persuasive research paper is a skill that needs to be mastered.

Tips to write the persuasive research paper topics

A persuasive writing will focus on why certain ideas are more valid than the others. The writer will use reasons to demonstrate his point.The purpose of writing a persuasive research paper is to make readers believe in a certain point that the writer wishes to state. It is thus important that the persuasive paper is written based on logic and a good flow of evidences. This is important so that the argument is supported.

How to approach the persuasive research paper topics

The following points will give you an idea of how to approach a persuasive paper.

  • Have a stance and ask yourself what you think about a particular issue. What side are you on? It is important that you stay away from any prejudices. Also take care to suggest some resolution.
  • Know who your audience is. Try to under stand if you think that the audience will agree to what you have to say. If you do not think that they will agree then ask yourself why you think that the audience would differ. To be able to put forth your view you should know both the sides of the point.
  • Do a thorough research on the topic. It is important that you provide detailed evidence that is compelling. You should have facts to disapprove what the other side has to say.
  • Plan out the structure of your research paper. Collect the evidence that you think should be included and then determine the order in which you would be presenting them. Remember to keep the flow logical.
  • Make sure that you support your argument. Make use of facts that could either be collected by research or by your own personal experiences. It is important that you cite the source from where you got the facts. It is also a good idea to back up any of your data. Also provides examples that are meaningful in order to illustrate what you have to say.

Break the topic into parts

The research paper should start with an introduction to the topic that can grab the attention of the readers and give a background on the subject that you will be discussing about. The introduction should end with a statement that makes your thesis clear.

The body of the paper should include arguments that support your thesis. Break up each paragraph to support a particular point. Thus include paragraphs within paragraphs to explain the point.

End the paper with a conclusion that reinstates the main argument and the points that support it. It is important that you focus on converting your reader’s mind-set. In fact this is what a persuasive research paper aims at.

A thesis for the persuasive research paper topics

The thesis statement is the key to your research paper. It is here that you present the topic and give an opinion on the topic that you are about to discuss. You should also summarize the arguments that you will be offering by giving an evidence for the opinion. The thesis paper should be able to put all of these in limited sentences. The thesis statement will be included after you introduce the topic.

Have an opinion

Make sure that when you write the persuasive research paper topics you have a clear opinion about it. You may have to deal with disputes on what you have written so it is important that you build up facts on what you write. The thesis will summarize the arguments that you will be making in the rest of the paper. Thus here you want to be very clear on the point. Ask yourself if you think that the others would challenge the statement that you have made in the thesis statement. If you think that no one would disagree then this could be that you are not stating a clear view here.

Persuasive techniques

The persuasive research paper topics paper should use a number of persuasive techniques. This is important to hook the readers to your paper. It is important that you learn the tools and the tricks to be a good writer.

Include the pathos, ethos and the logos –Pathos is about emotions, ethos is about being credible and logos are about including logic. These three are important for you to be persuasive in the research paper.

Keep repeating the thesis. Tel then before what you are about to tell. Tell the point to them and then tell them what you have already told them. The reader will now get the point.

Socially validate it.Use quotations when writing the persuasive research paper topics so that you are not the only person who is validating a point. The reader knows that the point of view is believed socially and that your view points needs consideration

Agitate the problem – Do not give the solution right away. Instead, let the reader know how bad the situation currently is and then give them a reason why they should care about the opinion that you have put forth.

Be much focused and stick to the specifics. The reader should be able to gauge on the point that you are about to argue upon. It is important that you include many evidences that are relevant here. This will help to support your opinion. This will also let the reader know that you understand the topic well and have done thorough research on it.

The thesis statement should be able to state the how and the why. It should tell the readers why your point is more effective. If the reader is unable to figure out the why and the how then the paper that you have written may be very open-ended and would need revision.