How to Choose the Best Essay Topics and Do Them Justice?

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When it comes to writing essays, the hardest part about it is probably getting the right essay topic to begin with. Writing the essay itself is not too hard. Once you get into groove, the flair for writing automatically comes to you. There are also so many things to consider when choosing a certain essay topic. That is exactly why we are here to help.

However, the freedom of choosing essay topics for you is also quite an attractive prospect. If you know how to go about doing it, there is nothing quite like selecting a topic for yourself and then doing your best to do it justice. Think you lack in that regard? Want to know how to do it too? Here are some of the best tips that you can get in order to choose and write quality essays.

Tips for Selection

While many writers follow many different methods of selecting their topics, it can all be generalized down to a few methodical points. Once you master them, you too will be able to form the best essay topics that one can come up with. Once you do that, writing stuff about it is pretty intuitive and sometimes even easy. But for now, let us know about how the selection method can be done.

  1. Your Passion

When choosing essay topics, it is always advisable that you go for something that you are genuinely passionate about. That way, you won’t feel like you are going through a chore. This is a problem that many people face where they do not have the will power or the passion to write that essay down.

This is a pitfall that you will do well to avoid. In fact, from my experience, I would say that this is a problem that you must avoid at all costs altogether. Sometimes you may even forget what you like or do not like. In that case, feel free to look up books, online resources or anything that gives you information.

  1. Detailed Analysis

Another thing that you must ensure is that you analyse your topics as well as possible. See how far and wide it goes before you finally decide to settle for it; or dump it for that matter. Whatever be your choice, it has to be well informed. Otherwise, you will be forever trapped in this never ending cycle of topic selection.

There are some essay topics which are just too vague to write on, given the current context and sometimes even the word limit. You have to consider all of those limitations and put together your essay in the best manner possible. It is only after detailed analysis that you will have enough knowledge to make a decision.

  1. Required Info

It is also a safe approach to make sure that there is enough information about the topic you want to write on. There have been several instances in the past where I have sat down to write about something really interesting, only to realize that there isn’t enough material to write anything at all.

Try and avoid situations like these because they are an absolute waste of time and effort. By the time you realize that you don’t have all that much to work with, you might have had enough time to select a different topic and finish your work off with that.

The DOs

To put things further into perspective, here is a short list of Do’s that you may want to keep in mind:

  • There are plenty of types of essays that you can write. Before starting, make sure you know what that is. Most of the times, your teacher will do that for you. If not, you will have to do it. So do it well because it has a lot of impact.
  • Make sure you know most of the essay topics if not all, that are relevant for your needs. Make a shortlist if necessary. Don’t settle on a single one instantly just because you find it mildly interesting. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something even better! Keep looking.
  • Write down all of the points that you have brainstormed about the essay you are writing. More often than not, you will simply forget about them.

The DON’Ts

Here are some of the things that you are advised not to do when trying to write an essay:

  • Don’t reject certain essay topics just because they seem a bit difficult when you actually sit down to write them. Changing topics midway will do more harm than it will do good.
  • Also remember to not be too lazy or procrastinating in nature. If that is the mind-set you are sitting down with, there is no way you will turn in something of good quality.
  • Try and think out of the box by picking topics which are rare or even peculiar. At the very least, you will have people’s attention if not their admiration.

Writing the Essay

As far as writing the essay itself is concerned, we have you covered as well. Once the essay topics are fixed, you may start to think about how your writing process is going to be like. Regardless of your style, you can follow them to good effect:

  • Follow a certain structure when writing your essays. Without a plan, it can tend to look all over the place and that is something you must avoid at all costs.
  • Look for ideas from every source of information possible. You never know where you will find the thing you are looking for. Newspapers, television, the internet, whatever it may be, check it out.
  • Make your writing as simple as possible. There is no need to use words which are too complicated and the meaning of which you do not know.
  • Try and be as creative as possible when writing your sentences. Sometimes, even a bit of change can add to the flavour of your writing and contribute to the reader’s interest.