How to Conquer Statistics and Bask In Its Glory?

How to Conquer Statistics
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Statistics – You Have Known till Now

Many of you still do not know what statistics is all about. Feeling sad on hearing this? Read more about statistics. The most important reason behind the poor uses of this fantastic subject is a lack of understanding about the capabilities of statistics.

Many people think, that statistics can speak for itself. However, it cannot do so. You need to give the interpretation of the statistical problem, then only can you come to a conclusion.

Statistics and its Uses

We know, statistics use a lot of data and scientific methods to come to accurate conclusions. It plays an important role in almost every field, today. It has applications in business, marketing, forecasting, advertisements, agriculture as well as elections. Government offices, defence and investigation departments are all dependent on statistics to a certain extent.

Students should be encouraged to study statistics as it has great implications on our lives. They should be allowed to learn this application-oriented subject not for their betterment but for that of the entire world. Since, it is important in fields, it has an important role in society.

So, there is a huge need to find out how to omit the negative thinking of the students. Students should be made to learn the subject in a fun manner. So, there is a basic need to find out, why in the first place, students fear statistics.

We have to gear towards a life, where students take up statistics as a major elective, so that they can make use of it professionally, personally as well as scientifically. You need to understand statistics for what it is and not what it can make you. So, encourage all to learn the subject, by omitting the fears attached with the subject. It is very easy, once you start loving the subject. Statistics can make life easy for all of us. So, let us see, how it can have an impact on the areas that we have already talked about.



It is related to business statistics. It is a specialized area, that is applicable in a business setting. Descriptive and Inferential statistics is used in this area. Descriptive statistics is basically used to summarize numbers and describe them. It is here, that you encounter mean, median and mode. Sounds familiar, isn’t it? You must have encountered it in school as well? As a manager, many a time, you must have kept count of the number of goods sold, number of sales persons employed, operational costs and delivery times. You must be familiar with settings, where you had to make presentations. When you have limited data, inferential statistics comes to the fore. Marketing departments of companies mainly use inferential statistics. It is the most important part of business.


Statistics is applied to marketing, to find out the market trends, measure the success of marketing programs and more. The secret to great marketing, is identifying your target audience. Statistics, can allow you to allow the marketer to find success in reaching the target goals. The most important starting point, is the collection of data. Demographic information is required to takea decision regarding the target audience. Trends in the sectors can be identified, only through collection of data.

The, comes the use of marketing mix modelling. It helps to identify the correct combination of marketing communications channels. Statistical regression methods are used to determine the success of a certain programme. Statistics is also used in market tracking. To design a market tracking programme, you need to analyse all the trends and sales statistics across all brands available in amarket. Marketing is one such field where all the tasks are watched closely and where data-driven approach is a norm. Statistics help marketers to close gaps in the market, by understanding about the demographics.


Statistics play a very vital role in advertising. The process starts from market research to campaign designing and testing. Professional market research organizations handle all the company’s pre and post campaign research. Companies have to be choosy in determining where to concentrate their efforts. Market researchers use statistical evaluation to identify the needs, wants and buying habits of consumers. They do this to find out the most profitable sectors for investment.

A lot of post-campaign research is also an important part of the process. Companies use statistical evaluation methods to determine the importance of shifts in consumer opinion. Such statistical methods give insights into the advertising methods which are more effective.

Advertisers have also misused statistics in a number of ways. Wrong information can lead to miscalculations. Consumers should not wholly rely on statistics, as it can be misleading. Advertising and Marketing are intertwined together and can make or break an organisation. The role of statistics is that of a confidential advisor. Every business has the need for updated facts. Business men will surely be handicapped, if they do not have any information about the target market and products.


We all know, how data and numbers have played a major role in determining the growth and success in a country. This is more so in developed countries. In some countries, quantitative agricultural researches are conducted largely based on statistical data. We all know, that the agriculture at a place, and its development is governed by a number of factors, like physical, social, cultural, technological, psychological and political factors. A multi-disciplinary approach is required to be incorporated in any kind of study.

A lot of factors come into play, when we are talking about the use of statistics in agriculture. The utility of data, facts and figures related to agriculture, prices, irrigation and cost of machinery is required on a daily basis and is known as agricultural data. A lot of policies are designed to bring about development sin agriculture. Agricultural statistics have a wide coverage and its scope is wide. Agricultural statistics can be divided into major categories:

  • Land utilization and irrigation needs, the net area sown, cultivated area, waste, uncultivatedland and so on.
  • Forestry
  • Agri-production
  • Prices and wages that have to be paid
  • Statistics related to weather, climate, rainfall and temperature are important.
  • Forecast is also important and relates to weather, crops, and seasons.


It is very important in today’s scenario. Statistics is used in understanding poll results. Statistics is a very important tool in political research. Voting behaviour can be identified through statistical methods. The methods of observation and predictions are all related to statistics.

Voter preference can be studied by statistical sample. A small number of people are taken as a sample. The members of the sample help to determine the preference of the whole population. Now, taking a larger sample may not yield the best results. A smaller poll can give you as much. The answers to all the poll results are taken together to determine the effects.


It is scientifically applied to data in large defence agencies. Statisticians are employed in defence to predict opponent steps. AI is deployed in military operations, which has applications of statistics.


That is the most interesting part. There are various ways to determine the end result of a game. Football for example is a game of numbers and statistics is essential to analyse the understand the game. For fans, statistics can help to determine how their favorite players will fare. From a player’s view point, they can actually understand the strengths and weaknesses. Statistics can actually find out why there are problems in players. Statistics can also rank a player, based on touchdowns, yards, tackles and other mechanisms.

Myths about Statistics

  • Statistics is Math. It is all about calculations. The subject is taught by the mathematics department and it involves numbers. You must be really scared of mathematics? So, how come you chose statistics as an elective? Too many questions, no answer.

Well, let me give you a fitting reply. Statistics involves numbers; however it is not the primary part of the subject.

Mathematics is used as one of the tools in statistics. Numbers are used to come to conclusions, through inductive reasoning. Statistics is used to come to a conclusion in a variety of subjects, like business, social sciences and others. So, you can hate math but love statistics, all at the same time.

  • The next myth, which many encounter, is that, statistics requires a whole lot of data. The truth is, you need as much data as much you can handle. You don’t need to drown yourself in data for the sake of coming to a conclusion about something, in general. You have heard about samples, right? Yes, samples can be of any size. You can work on small amount of data, large amounts of data and medium-sized data. It is totally your call.
  • You can totally depend on data. No, you cannot. Data is totally misleading sometimes. So, you cannot always depend on data.
  • Some of you may, think that you can manipulate data and statistics. You cannot do so. You have to collect data, make a story around it and present it in front of an audience.

The Fear of Statistics

Science and records, have shown that students cannot just stop getting scared of statistics. Just the thought of studying statistics, makes them all sweaty. 98% of students from top U.S. universities have been found to be scared of the subject. It has been mostly related to anxiety related to the mathematical part of it.

Students who are scared of math and have a problem with numbers, tend to get scared of statistics very easily. Students who have memory issues are also scared of statistics. It has been observed, that the more students worry over statistics, the poorer they perform.

Let Us Checkout the Ways to Love It

  • First and foremost, reduce your dependency on mathematics. Stop hand written calculations, as this makes the student feel, they are dealing with math. Thus, raising their math anxiety.

Some softwares have been designed, to lessen the dependability on handwritten calculations. In the meanwhile, more attention is paid to the teaching of assumptions and the correct situations, corresponding to them. So, your fear of math will lessen quite a bit. Understanding the reasoning part becomes of prime importance in the process.

  • Re-arranging the Pedagogy. Yes, it is absolutely important for today’s genre. Teachers ought to make the class more interesting, with weekly quizzes, prizes for the best answers and unique instruction techniques.

Making the class fun, is one of the ways to make students love statistics. Students should be given credit for participating in the quizzes, rather than answering correctly.

  • Students are afraid to ask questions; it has been seen. So, you need to give students some freedom to ask question through anonymous question banks. Some students also feel ashamed to ask questions, in front of all.

So, you need to give them some freedom, in the manner they choose to address their query. Online forums should be encouraged to answer questions without giving away their names.

  • Teachers and professors can make use of jingles, graphs and other fun ways to explain the chapters to students. This way, learning will be fun and the students will not get scared of the subject.
  • Stop worrying and start loving statistics today. Statistics is literally everywhere. It is used in the most important facets of life. So, you really cannot ignore it. Learn about all the world of opportunities that open up with statistics. You can get a plethora of opportunities in the world of statistics. The career possibilities are immense and so are the remuneration, If all pf these does not entice you, nothing else will Get the best of the world, with a friendly relationship with statistics.

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