How to Excel in Providing Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students Is Here!

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It is an embarrassing situation for sure to listen to long lectures from your professors on how badly you have performed in yours! It is more depressing to see your friends befriending you due to your poor performances. You need to buck up and pull your socks so that you can excel in your interesting persuasive speech topics for college students.

Interesting persuasive speech topics for college students is an art to convince others about your viewpoints. It makes you capture the whole world in your fist with your outlook towards the point. It definitely has to be over the edge and show how brilliant you are in showcasing your ideas.

This drill is done in college levels so that when you move to the real world to present your idea, you should be firm with your point. Under no circumstances can anybody make you go against your viewpoint.

So why am I here today? This blog is going to help college students how to deliver interesting persuasive speech topics for college students. In the future you will find all the answers to your queries on persuasive speech topics here-

The need to know the techniques for interesting persuasive speech topics for college students

The art of writing and oration is the same. The thought process, the language usage, the flow of the speech etc. remains the same. It is an expensive affair to put forth interesting persuasive speech topics for college students. The reason I say so is simple. The Persuasive speech comes with a lot of specified techniques. The topics must sell like hot cakes. It must allure the audience to lend their ears for many years together.

Let us begin the journey on how to present interesting persuasive speech topics for college students. You must know the basics to start with. Your grammar needs to be perfect. Have an enriched vocabulary that can keep the audience in complete awe. Learn a few phrases and proverbs that can fit effortlessly into your speech.


  • Think what is that topic that is going to make a meaning and you will be able to give an artistic structure towards your presentation.
  • Think that part of an argument you want to be a part of! Concentrate on one stratum of the topic.
  • You should be so clear with the point in your mind that it should give you immediate motivation to orate in front of the thousands.

How to awaken your audience with your persuasive speech

Nobody loves to listen to a boring and non-interesting topic. You will have to bring the motivation in them to listen to you. Your speech should inculcate a drive. The audience should look into their inner conscious and think twice before they leave the venue.

Inculcate figures of speech in your speech. Keep it logical put start using paradox, or sarcasm, use oxymoron or epiphany to convey your point. It will not only make it interesting but also will bring in humor. Your style will be loved by others too.

Now coming to the interesting persuasive speech topics for college students

There are several persuasive speech topics that you can keep on exploring and adding, but to keep it simple and straight, let me provide you with a couple of topics-

  • Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students Based On Health Care And Food

Involve as many new topics from the bloggers or newspapers or the internet to make your speech refined. You can alternatively take help from online education portals who can guide you in laying out your speech in a presentable manner.

  1. Why drugs shouldn’t be sold without a prescription?
  2. Why cosmetic surgery can be harmful to the body?
  3. How burgers and pizzas are spoiling the digestive systems?
  4. Why should organic vegetables be propagated?
  5. What role does yoga play in a human body?
  6. How good it is to occasionally get involved in drinks?
  7. Consequences of continuous use of steroids
  8. Chicken over red-meat.
  9. Shake a leg- the new trending exercise
  10. Cycling should be inculcated on a routine basis.
  • Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics Based On Economics

It is one of the powerful subjects that have a wide variety of topics to choose from. You can include topics such as-

  1. How inflation is hitting the economy?
  2. Why education cost must be bare minimum?
  3. What role does Government funding play in an old man’s retired life?
  4. How can the demand for petrol be curtailed?
  5. Why should there be strict norms for medical funding?
  6. What influences the job in an economy?
  7. How fair it is to legalize gambling?
  8. How can young citizens of a nation bring in a change in the economy?
  9. Why rape and sexual-assaults have stricter punishments?
  10. How the developing economy varies from that of developed?
  • Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students Based On The Life

  1. What should be the limitations for public displays of affection?
  2. Can retirement age be extended to 70?
  3. Why online dating is not a great idea?
  4. The reasons behind increasing number of divorces
  5. How beneficial it is to start your own business?
  6. Why SEO learning should be inculcated the syllabus?
  7. Why is conservation of energy important for life?
  8. How can sustainable living be achieved?
  9. Why is there Mars in everybody’s mind?
  10. How to stop a natural disaster?

You will find that once you pour with interesting persuasive speech topics for college students, your fan-following will increase. The aim to provide a good persuasive speech is to get higher marks in your report card. Your marks are going to give an impact on your future endeavours. And yes, practice makes man perfect! So keeps that going.

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