How to Score Maximum Marks in Your Statistics Examination

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Statistics examination is nearing next week, and if you are wondering how you could get timely statistics help or score maximum marks in your Statistics examination, this is what we have for you!

Statistics is a subject that is different from others. Unlike others, it does not have tons of terminologies to learn. You don’t have to go through long question and answers, but the real challenge is in the calculation and getting the concepts right. Thus, by getting the right statistics expert help you are good to appear for your examination and make sure you come out with flying colors.

So keep your paper and pen handy with you so that you can note down the following hacks-

  • The Answer Is In The Question

Most of the answers to the statistics are in the question. Don’t believe it? Read from the graphs instead of the problems. The graphs give you the complete knowledge about the axes and its representation. So before you head to read the problem, go through the graph or images that is tagged along with the problem. You will be able to know this with practice. You can take statistics expert help to guide you in solving as many question papers as you can. It will help you understand the depth of every question.

  • Attempt All The Questions

Let’s say you are confused with mean, median or standard deviation. Don’t think of leaving the question. Attempt all of them. Make the sequence of your problem ready. It is the ultimate answer that is going to fetch you entire marks. Thus, there is no point in whiling your other marks, when you can gain marks for the steps attempted.

There is a trick to do so. Ask a statistics expert help and you will know the tactics on how to attempt all the questions.

  • Start With The Question That You Are Confident Of

Always read the question paper before you begin to write. It is advisable to start with the question you find is easy. You will save time as you don’t have to spend a lot of time calculating or analyzing the problem.  The best way is to mark the questions in the format of A, B, C, D. This means, no sooner you get the question paper, take a pencil, and write A for the easiest question, B for a little tougher one. Similarly, C will be for a difficult one and D for the toughest question.

Let’s say, Combinatorics and basic set theory notation you are comfortable with. Then that question will be A, while questions on Probability definitions and properties will be B a little tougher one.

Similarly, problems on Common discrete and continuous distributions will be C as you find them difficult. You may dread bivariate distributions and questions on it will be taken as D, most difficult.

  • Keep Your Paper Neat And Tidy

The first impression is the last impression. So make sure whatever you write or ink it must be neat and tidy. The impression about your paper to your professor should be top notch. While you prepare for your upcoming Statistics examination, ask for statistics help from an online education portal.

The experts at such portals will guide you in how to present your work during your examination. Make sure while you format your answers, you adhere to the rules and regulations of the university. Do not present a shabby work; the sight of it often creates a negative impact.

  • Do Not Forget To Provide Graphs

The way to get maximum marks in your Statistics is to provide perfect graphs. Let’s say even if you are not prepared for Random variables, expectation, variance problems, but if you can show graphical representation on the axes, you are good to fetch some marks for the graphs that you have represented.

  • Start Doing Quizzes As A Preparation Towards Examination

Now that you have a lesser number of days for your examination, the best way to perform your best at the examination is to do quizzes. You can take a statistics expert help who can guide you appropriately towards attending the quizzes.

There are online websites that allow you to make a quiz or you can avail their services on quizzes. You can incorporate textbook notes into them. Include practice test papers in your quiz.

  • Always Focus On Your Mind Map

In case you are stuck with a question in your Statistics examination, create the mind map on that chapter in your rough column. Get all the aspects related to that topic on the paper.

When you have all the elements related to the chapter in front of you, you will be able to write at least something about that chapter for which you can fetch marks. Use mnemonics. It will help you to recall the key concepts of your chapter. The technique can be used to build acronyms or chain of ideas in a story form or keywords. 

If you are unable to create a mind map, seek statistics help from your seniors or online education experts.

While using acronyms, you will have to make a combination of letters where each letter stands for an idea of the topic. For example, the theory of bivariate distribution could be learned as- PCM where P stands for Probability density function, C for Correlation and M stands for Multinomial Distribution. It will help you to recall the definition and the argument related to it.

You can create a chain of stories that are relatable to your own life. The method will keep the gist of the chapter intact. The hero of your story should be the element of your Statistics topic. By doing so, it will look like a story and you can continue working on it as a whole.

In a nutshell, by following the above tips and hacks, you are sure to excel well in your examinations. Forget not to take statistics help whenever the need be. You can get maximum marks provided you are thorough with your lessons.

All the best for your examination and keep yourself glued to this space for more interesting updates.