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Money is a having a value now, and every investor will seek to find the answer whether money will have a value tomorrow. The future value of money will be highlighted by net present value and assume that a person is offered $100 now and he or she is also given an option of getting $100 after one year then what should be chosen and what is the reason for that is the answer net present value gives. Thus, we, helpmeinhomework bring to you the perfect the time value of money and net present value (NPV) homework help that is possible!

Time value of interest angle

The time value of the money along with interest earned is calculated and The time value of money and Present Net Value (NPV) is an important topic that every finance student should understand.

The internal rate of return, payback are the other two methods that will be used to find out the changes or the returns that one will get from the investment and future cash flow is what makes NPV more likable to financial managers. The initial outlay of cash that is required will be highlighted, and this will ensure that financial managers will have an easy time.

There are issues of inflation that will be affecting people, and there is retirement planning that will be taken into consideration by people, and they will be thinking of investing an amount that will give them a healthy rate of return. Mortgage loans, student study loans also known as education loans, major purchases like auto, home, credit card all will need to use NPV.

The problems in Investors’ behavior from a student perspective

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