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Terms like hybrid securities make students confused. Students who are new to this subject might find it very difficult to understand. This kind of financial terms are not so easy to understand but if they are taught in details students find the topic quite interesting. Hybrid securities are the combination of debt securities & equity securities. These are almost like debt security, and it promises to pay rate of interest within a specific period of time. But these securities also have a higher rate of interest like the equity securities. So hybrid securities have mixed features of both.

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Types of hybrid securities

Following are the chief types of hybrid securities:

  • Income notes and securities.
  • Convertible bonds.
  • Preference shares.
  • Reset preference shares.
  • Step up preference shares.

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Features of hybrid securities

  • Maturity.
  • Mandatory non-payment of coupon.
  • Subordination.
  • Optional non-payment of coupon.

The basic features of hybrid securities state that they are quite beneficial for the shareholders. As they have both the features of debt securities and equity securities, they are quite flexible in nature.

Why companies issue hybrid securities?

Following are the reasons why most companies prefer issuing hybrid securities:

  • Share buy-backs.
  • Acquisition.
  • Debt refinancing.
  • Tax and WACC.

It is true that hybrid securities are quite risky, but due to their flexibility, they are most preferred.

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