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A marketing information system is a management system basically introduced to support decision making in the marketing field. Under this all the data related to marketing is stored, analysed and then it is distributed among the managers to provide them information. This system believes in applying different strategies to integrate market monitoring and then it implements the strategy which helps the market in customer management.

 Need for marketing information system in the organisation:

  • Carry out market analysis:

Analysis is the most important step in the success of any organisation if a manager performs a lot of research and fails to implement it in a correct way then all the hard work fails but if the analysis of the research is done properly it avoids such mistakes

  • Future planning:

This system helps in forecasting the future market value by research and helps in developing plans for the company

  • Implementing of plans:

Manager’s research well about the specific topic but sometimes lack in implementation of plans due various reasons such as low confidence, inadequate data collected and many more. Here, Information system homework help manager’s to plan and implement the steps in a correct way

  • Data storage: 

Marketing information system is not only helpful in storing data but also in execution of the plan as it controls all the activities inside the market it is an important tool

  • Provides broad perspective: 

This system helps in keeping the organisation in track by analysing it time to time which helps in setting a broader perspective and facilitate improvement in the system

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Characteristic of information system 

  • It controls both the internal and external data of the market
  • It acts as a problem solver and also prevents the market from any upcoming issues
  • This system is future oriented as it keeps a regular track in the market activities
  • Along with the market researching it simultaneously works with other subsystems

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