Interesting Essays Topics – We Will Find a Way with Words Today

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This word ‘Essay’ is with us, since kindergarten. How can we ever forget it? It has accompanied us all these years and even now, we are writing essays either for our children or the companies we work for.

Have you ever thought about the meaning of this word essay?

If not, let me enlighten you today. This word ‘Essay’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘Exagium’. It means presenting one’s views or opinion on a given topic. So, let me tell you a tell-tale definition of the word essay. It is basically, a short piece of writing which may be formal or informal.

I would like to tell you about the various forms of essay, that we encounter in our day to day life.

  • Narrative Essays –

It is the narration of a story or event in first person. It is written, as if the writer as present at the time of occurrence of the event. It has a definite plot and is described in vivid details. The aim of this kind of essay is to present a picture of the circumstances before the reader. We can write on various interesting essay topics in the narrative category.

  • Descriptive Essay –

In this type of an essay, the writer usually describes a place, a person, an event or anything worth describing.The essay is written in such a manner, that the reader feels the emotions of the writer. We have written many interesting essay topics based on this.

  • Expository Essays –

This is a factual essay. The writer’s personal views are not of much importance here. There should be evidential support, without which this essay is unacceptable.

  • Persuasive Essays –

Are written in order to persuade a certain audience about a certain topic. There can be two sides to this kind of essay. An opposing party and a supporting party. The writer’s argument wins, if he is able to prove his point.

Why are essays such an important part of academic life?  Many of you would like to know this, right? Well, it does have many educational and developmental functions. If you master these transferable skills once, you can use it anywhere at time in your life.

So, you must be wondering about the type of skills you acquire by practicing more and more essays. I will help you with this, piece by piece today. So, from now on, you will accept the essay as an inseparable part of your life.

The skills you will acquire in interesting essay topics are:

  • Organisation of ideas
  • Communication
  • Argument and debating skills
  • Critical thinking, may be appreciation or analysis

It will allow you to develop a disciplined approach towards learning and writing at the same time.

Format of interesting essay topics

All essays have a basic structure. It is made up of an introduction, body and a conclusion. The first paragraph of your essay is usually and most importantly the introduction.You can give the readers a sneak peek into what lies beneath.You can attract readers with your choice of introduction.  It should also contain a thesis statement.

The body of your essay is where all the important information can be found. It is the pie of the essay.It can be made of two or more paragraphs. Some of you tend to confuse this part and the reader leaves mid-way, without reading the entire thing.

Lastly, but not the least important is the conclusion. It should summarise all your ideas and present a final blow to the readers.  It is here, where you can capture the minds of the reader in its entirety.

I would like to suggest a step-wise framework to write an essay. If you follow this, it will be great. If not, you can tire others by continuing to write those boring essays.You can accomplish this task in seven steps. They are analysis, formulation of a powerful thesis statement, collection of data, organisation, writing the actual essay and the revision.  Each step needs to be meticulously attended to.

Now, let us browse through some interesting essay topics. Let us begin with should co-education be banned?  This essay is in the mind of certain parents, when admitting their issues in school. Different sets of parents have different views on this one.  Let us check out the points that you could incorporate into this essay and fetch great reviews.

Whys and the why not’s?

Does co-education teach students about sexual attraction? What is your point of views on this?It is an idea, which is not easily accepted in certain communities and in certain parts of the world. Eve teasing is another reason, why co-education is not allowed in some homes.

Now, let us discuss about the pros of co-education. It increases cordial relations between both genders, makes each other sensitive to others emotional needs and desires, it creates a healthy competition and encourages equality amongst both genders.

Now, we will select another topic for discussion from among some interesting essay topics.Should teachers and principals have a dress code?I think, this is great topic for essay writing. What can you write in this essay? There are lot of points you can cover, here.

I think, teachers and principals do not require uniforms. Uniforms have been created to maintain uniformity among school children. It is a waste of resources to force staff members to wear uniforms. Some say, they can be made to wear uniforms.

This would discourage display of exotic clothing that can distract the students. Plus, it would make them look professional. Different students can have different inputs on this.

Organise your thoughts carefully. Then, put it on paper. Interesting essay topics are easy to find nowadays, with the advent of internet. You can find and practice some great topics here. Just, maintain the format and zero down on the whole lot of ideas that can cross your mind.  Streamline your thoughts and maintain orderliness and get good marks and sow-off to your peers. That is the best moment, when your teacher appreciates you for a well written essay.Interesting essay topics can be quiet rewarding, if you can enjoy writing it.