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Working capital is an interesting topic for students of finance, accountings, commerce, etc. However, we also understand that it can be a tough subject to deal with. As such, homework and assignments on the topic might not be that easy to complete. Sometimes, you might require something like kinds of working capital homework help for proper completion of assignments and homework. We are here to provide you exactly that. With our efficient team of experts at, we will make sure you will learn everything necessary about working capital, such as its meaning, types, etc.

Types of Working Capital

When you hire our kinds of working capital assignment help, you will get to know about the following kinds:

  • Permanent Working Capital: 

Also known as fixed working capital, permanent working capital refers to the base amount invested in all types of current resources which are necessary for carrying out the business activities. While it is true that value of current assets may decrease or increase over a period of time, it also true that a minimum level of current assets is required all the time for effectively carrying the business activities.

  • Temporary Working Capital:

Temporary working capital is also known as Variable or Fluctuating working capital. A close relationship prevails between temporary working capital and level of sales and production. The sales and production are not uniform throughout the year. If a large amount of credit sales exists and heavy order for production is received, more temporary working capital is required. Also, if the production carries on in anticipation of the near future demand, temporary working capital is needed. To sum it up, temporary working capital is the additional working capital need for supporting the changing sales and production activities.

  • Gross and Net Working Capital:

With our kinds of working capital homework help service, you will also be known about gross and net working capital, which are important types. While gross working capital represents the total current assets and amount invested in it, net working capital is the different between the current assets and current liabilities.

  • Negative Working Capital:

If the value of current assets is less than the value of current liabilities, there is a negative working capital. The firm is likely to meet financial crisis in near future if such a situation arises.

  • Reserve Working Capital:

It is another kind that shall be discussed when you hire our kinds of working capital homework help service. Reserve working capital refers to financial arrangement that business units make for meeting uncertainties.

  • Regular Working Capital: 

It is the minimum amount of working capital that needs to maintained under normal condition.

  • Seasonal Working Capital:

There is a seasonal demand for certain products. As such, the working capital maintained for meeting such demand is known as seasonal working capital.

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