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Law is a very common word that we go through in our life. It has different meanings and functions each time. Laws are nothing but some set of rules to act or conduct by any individual or authority.

The main motive to create laws is to maintain regularity and bring in peace and prosperity. The one disobeying laws are probably punished for his deed. However, things might seem easy but these are actually not reallycomfortable, and this is why we are ready to help students with the best guidance available at the most reasonable prices.

Classifications of law:

  1. Civil law
  2. Common law
  3. Religious law
  4. Pluralistic system
  5. Hybrid system

Legal segments of law:

These are the following sections of law that are commonly seen-

  1. International law
  2. Constitutional and administrative law
  3. Criminal law
  4. Contract and property law
  5. Tort law

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