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Mergers usually refer to certain situations when two companies merge or collaborate to become one so as to ensure the future success of the company. This usually happens when one of the two companies which are in not united, becomes financially unstable and needs a second party to help them through their poor financial situation. Although it is not blatantly stated, the fact is that the second party tends to make more investments in the company, thereby becoming the greater shareholder in newly merged company.

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What are the types of mergers?

There are basically5 types of mergers:

  • Horizontal merger: This is a kind of merger where two companies with similar products are present in similar market fields. In fact, in most cases, their competitors are same which contributes to said market trend to merge and to make their line most powerful one.
  • Vertical merger: In this sort of merger, companies with two related products like that of ice cream and cone merge to make their business a more successful one.
  • Market extension merger: This merger refers to such companies which have the same products but in different markets. With their merger, their product becomes widely popular in not one but two markets.
  • Product extension merger: This is again the collaboration of two companies which sell related but different products in same market so that their sales go up to a whole new level.
  • Conglomeration: This is the kind of merger where the companies neither have the same products or related products nor the same markets.

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