Lesson 101: Follow These Brilliant Tips and Tricks to Excel in Statistics

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“How on earth am I going to pass in this subject?”

Is that how you feel about statistics? In case you do, don’t worry! Statistics can be a bit tricky and challenging as well. However, with the right approach and initiatives, you can excel in it.

Are you intrigued to know how? If yes, continue reading!

Why do students usually feel that statistics is a difficult subject?

  • This subject is mostly based on graphical presentations which might be difficult for many students even to comprehend and understand what the problem is.
  • Since it is a little complicated, one needs to be in touch with the subject daily. Follow-ups are a must when it comes to statistics. Students, who do not remain in contact with the matter, usually get scared when they come across the problems later.
  • Proper communication is necessary. If the student doesn’t connect with his or her mentor, it becomes a significant issue. In addition to that, a student must always get their doubts cleared while a tutor is teaching. Waiting to clear such confusions can make the situation worse.

No wonder kids are so confused and always troubled with subjects like statistics because their entire system is perplexed.

Better insight into the subject

Statistics is the study of data and analysing the same to provide with results and draw conclusions of some problems. That’s the fundamental thing about statistics.

It is not just a subject; statistics are used in various marketing strategies as well. That is how a procedure is outlined, or some analysis is performed on a particular set of data.

Statistics is implied on almost every field including psychology, economics, biology, astronomy, engineering, genetics, public health, medicine, sports, marketing, etc.

Experts dealing with statistics are responsible for figuring out whether the set of data is reliable and thus, the results are accurate or not.

That’s just a gist about statistics. Now, let’s move on to the classification.

Learn the branches of statistics

Statistics has two determined branches- descriptive and inferential. It is imperative for any student to know about these branches of statistics in detail so that they find it easier to comprehend any problem regarding the subject. In simple terms, these studies are mainly related to analysing a set of data scientifically.

Now, let’s dig in!

1. Inferential Statistics:This branch works on analysing sample data and reaching conclusions. While using this method, one needs to begin with a hypothesis and try to hope that the information gathered correlates with the theory.

The vital part about this branch is the derivations. That’s what helps to incur the results correctly. However, while working on inferences, one must be cautious enough not to end up making mistakes. One small error can lead to a wrong conclusion at the end.

People use the internet to dig information these days as it is the most accessible source. In case they choose the wrong method or work with incorrect data, it might become a big issue at the end. So, one needs to be extremely careful in order to avoid such errors.

2. Descriptive Statistics: This branch of statistics works with gathering, presenting and outlining data or any set of information. This is known as the primary step of any statistical study. The process is not as simple as it seems to be. The analyst needs to be completely aware of the data, tests and methods of collecting data. However, utilising this descriptive method varies from one field to another.

In other words, both of these branches go hand in hand. One complements the other and cannot exist without each other. However, it is crucial that analysts or researchers deal with these branches of statistics carefully as one minor error can lead to a much bigger issue at the end.

Statistics application in various fields

Statistics is a subject, often applied in multiple areas. Some of those fields are:

  1. Demography
  2. Business analytics
  3. Astrostatistics
  4. Environmental statistics
  5. Geostatistics
  6. Population ecology
  7. Statistical mechanics
  8. Econometrics
  9. Quantitative psychology

Thus, it is quite evident how important this subject is, and therefore, you need to know how to excel in it from the beginning so that you do not face any problem later.

Tips and tricks to excel in Statistics

A. Self-confidence is the key to success

Learn to have faith in yourself. Do not give up on anything without working hard achieving it. Be confident that you can conquer anything and everything. With such a vision, statistics will become much easier for you.

B. Create a plan to study daily

Make it a daily habit of studying the subject. If you skip a day, you would miss out on some topics and later, that might seem like a huge burden. So, ensure that you are in touch with statistics every day. You can test your knowledge by solving papers at least once a week.

C. Take help from teachers and tutors

Mentors and experts are the best sources to learn how statistics work. So, feel free to clear your doubts regarding the subject. If you cannot understand a specific topic, enquire about it right then.

D. Practice makes perfect

Without practice, nothing comes easy. So, keep practicing unless you get it right. It is the ultimate key to success. Also, make a pattern to study the subject and follow the same. That’s how you can master in it.

E. Comprehend each topic

To gain a better understanding of the entire subject, you need to be thorough with every topic hidden within it. Learn to read between the lines and comprehend each bit precisely.

Doesn’t statistics seem easy already? Just follow these steps, and you will excel in the subject. In simple words, statistics is not a difficult subject if you learn to pay attention to the minute details.

Can you Imagine Life without Statistics?

Statistics is a specialized branch of mathematics that deals with the outcome of likelihood. It involves the study of collection and analysis of data which helps to predict the different outcomes of a particular Event. Statistics is used for forecasts which help determine the fate of companies, your luck at the local casino and whether to plan a trip depending on the weather conditions.Statistics has two main branches – descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

1. Descriptive Statistics

This is the most common branch of statistics with a day-to-day application in real life which people can relate to. It is mostly based on the concept of gathering, outlining and presenting data for analysis. This branch of statistics helps predict the average duration of a Marvel movie, the average height of all students in a class and the average income of a family.

2. Inferential Statistics

This method is used to analyze a sample data to predict the fate of the entire population. It uses the concepts of descriptive statistics to analyze and present the inference of the experiment in question. The only negative aspect to this is that the entire calculation can go wrong if one makes a faulty or biased assumption. The hypothesis theory supports inferential statistics and helps prove if the assumption is correct or not.

Inferential and descriptive statistics go hand in hand and one cannot function without the existence of the other.

A major part of statistics is probability. Probability controls all our life decisions even unknowingly. So now let’s look at how probability controls real life situations.

Examples of real life scenarios with the application of probability:

Planning a trip to a place with erratic weather fluctuations –

Drawing conclusions about whether it will rain on a day or is it going to snow and cancel your plans cannot be done by just looking at the sky and the clouds. The meteorological department can also not forecast the weather without the help of probability and statistics.

The meteorological department uses a variety of tools to forecast the likelihood of the weather conditions on a day. So, if there is a prediction of 50 percent chance of snowfall, then there is a probability of 50 out of 100 days where it will snow. To accurately predict weather conditions, the meteorological department also analyses previous years weather trend to forecast the maximum and minimum temperatures and the weather trend of a week.

  • Gaming strategies –

Every sport uses the concepts of probability to formulate strategies for the best result. It is probability that helps a coach determine who is the first batsman in the lineup in a nail biting one-day match between India and Australia.

  • Gambling –

Who doesn’t like going to a casino when in a vacation. But making luck in your favor isn’t merely by God’s grace. It depends on a lot of mathematical calculation. And this calculation is nothing but probability. It is the knowledge of statistics that enables one to make or break a fortune in a casino.

  • Choices of insurance and investment plans –

It is probability that makes you choose which insurance or invested plan to opt for that will yield you a better benefit in the future. Say you plan to buy an insurance for your car, so it is probability that decides the chances of a situation where you might be required to file a claim.

After going through all the above examples, we must be intrigued to learn more about statistics and probability. But even when it makes life simpler, statistics is a very tricky subject which is hard to master at. Statistics seem to confuse people very easily with its various theories and assumptions. And it is very difficult to get a grip of the subject by yourself.

While the teachers at school and group studies help, when it comes to submitting an assignment or writing a test, most people face a lot of difficulties with statistics. An online educator site offers support to students in a lot of subjects. Unlike a lot of websites of the same category, they do offer support in statistics too and covers a variety of topics as well.

They help students write their assignments on various fields of statistics – binomial distribution, probability and biostatistics are to name a few. They not only restrict themselves to the academic application of statistics. They also offer support in game theory which is a statistical theory used by gamers while both developing and playing online games.

Statistics is a subject gaining worldwide importance recently because it is not long ago that people understood the power of this subject. It not only helps multinational companies to determine their fate in a financial year but also helps people to take wise decisions in their daily life.

Mathematics try to scare people especially kids because that is the most dreaded subject in school. But if learned in the proper way making the experience of learning fun, it can be more useful for students. That is why, while explaining statistics and its various concepts and theories, it is advisable to use real life situations so that students can relate to.

That is why while starting with the preliminary statistics lessons, students use hands on experience to understand the subject. A deck of cards and two bags with different colored balls in it are the most commonly used things to make the understanding of statistical concepts easier.

But once you get hold of the basics of statistics, no one can beat you at the next poker match. Neither will your vacation be spoiled due to unforeseen weather conditions.

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