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Unlike micro that deals with individual behavior, macroeconomics talks about the study of economics as a whole. Scholars seek our macroeconomics assignment help to get something more from the basic idea. We clear their doubts and confusions regarding any part of the study to make them proficient decision makers. Our 24/7 support is open for all who seek us.

Macroeconomics deals with various factors like economic growth, inflation, deflation, interest rates, income, output, etc. Based on demand-supply of goods and services, employment status and national income are determined. Macroeconomics helps in growth of economics condition, employment and gross domestic product (GDP).

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Models of macroeconomics

  • AD-AS model:

Based on the equilibrium in aggregate demand (AD) and aggregate supply (AS), this model shows levels of price and real output. It is used as a tool to measure various policies of macroeconomics.

  • IS-LM model:

In this model, the graph represents equilibrium in interest rates and outputs derived from equilibrium in money and goods market.

  • Growth models:

Introduced by Robert Solow, this neoclassical growth model starts with production function. Here the national output is aresult of capital and labor, the two inputs.The assumption is that both these inputs are used at fixed rates, without having any fluctuation in capital utilization or employment.

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Uses of macroeconomics

  1. National income and employment determination determine
  2. To calculate general price rate
  3. Development and growth of economy as whole
  4. Different production factors
  5. Framing of policy
  6. Base of microeconomics
  7. Financial issues
  8. Study of national income

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