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The magnetic moment is defined as the quantity, a vector that indicates the force that the magnet will apply on an electric current or field and the amount of torque that the magnetic field will put on it. For e.g., an electron, a molecule, a bar magnet and even a planet have magnetic moments.

As the magnetic moments have both magnitude and direction so it is regarded as vector. The direction of the magnetic moment point mean from south to north pole of the magnet. This magnetic moment is directly proportional to the magnetic field produced by a magnet. Are you finding it a bit confusing? Just relax for a while and go through magnetic moment homework help service from

Want to know of the units of magnetic moment?

According to the international system of units (SI), the unit of magnet moment is not a base unit. The magnetic field is measured in teslas and torque is measured in newton-meters and the magnetic moment is measured in newton-meters per tesla.  You can easily understand these units and calculations, about their usage through magnetic moment assignment help.

Cause of the magnetic moment:

The traditional definition of magnetic moment has changed a lot with the passage of time and with the newer things being discovered. Earlier, this magnetic moment was explained by using simple hypothetical magnetic point charges. It was then defined as the American currents. After 1930, the causes of the magnetic moment are explained as the orbital and spin angular momentum states of the atom. Well, before you get bored with the subject, relax and simply take a glance of our magnetic moment homework help.

Atomic magnetic moment:

If you want to get the total number of spins for an atom, then you have to add the individual electron spins. Similarly if you want to get the orbital angular momentum, then just add the individual angular momenta. Then, these two are added to get the total angular momentum by using angular momentum coupling. This interesting yet tricky subject can be very well understood by learning through magnetic moment assignment help.

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