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What is main distribution frame?

Main distribution frame can defined as a signal distribution frames that is used in connecting inside plants and outside plants, that is, in connecting equipments to cables and the subscriber career. It’s majorly used for the purpose of telephone communication. The Main Distribution Frame (MDF) inside the nearest telephone exchange is a terminal point where the exchange equipment and terminators of local loops are connected by means of jumpers. The Main Distribution Frame helps in making the assigning facilities flexible, and it costs less and has higher capacity than a patch panel.

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More about MDF:

Long Steel racks are the most commonly used MDF and they can be accessed from both sides. Punch Blocks came to be used only after the 1970s. In 1960, the jumpers used were generally soldered. Though they were cost effective, they were rather slow. In 1960s, wire wraps replaced them and in the following decade punch blocks became popular.

MDFs can even be two or three storey high, as is found in many urban areas. This is to prevent them from being more than a city block long. MDFs basically act as a test point between the exchange equipment and a line.

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