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Concepts of marginal cost

To clearly understand this concept a thorough knowledge of different classes of costs and their relation to change in activity levels must be mastered. Marginal cost is determined by differentiating fixed costs and variable costs.

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Marginal cost is an effective mechanism which is used to bring about proper management. Since it facilitates elimination of fixed overheads from cost of production and other such functions the possibility of comparing costs becomes more meaningful.

Marginal cost as Management Tool

When it comes to Marginal Cost as Management Tool Homework Help the main area of focus is the utility of marginal cost in management. Some of the main points of utility are as follows:

  • Marginal costing helps not only to record costing but ensures their reporting as well. Differentiation of costs into different types helps make the work of management simpler.
  • Cost control is facilitated with the help of this element. Therefore it must be mastered to ensure that a company can make the maximum profits and facilitate savings.
  • Decision-making problems are common for those in management. However, with the tool of marginal costing, it becomes easy to have the facts in hand. Once the numbers or data are present making decisions becomes easier.

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