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What do you mean by Marketing Agro Product? Marketing Agro Product includes the facilities which are involved in getting the agricultural products to the end consumer.This requires planning, directing, organizing and proper supervision of agricultural produce. It should be done in a way which satisfies the farmer, producer and consumers. Activities which are indirectly involved in this are production, harvesting, packing, grading, transport, and storage, distribution, promotion and selling of agro products.

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What is Agricultural marketing development?

The efforts to progress agricultural marketing in rising countries by focusing on specific fields are known as Agricultural marketing development. Developments can be-

  • Infrastructure development
  • Training to the farmers in marketing
  • Development of environment
  • Gather information
  • Efforts on making certain policies

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About the infrastructure of market- 

Cost- effective marketing is necessary for avoiding after harvesting losses and risks. Market plays a key role in rural development; generate income, security of food and developing the link which connects rural areas and market. Planners have designed the markets in such a way that it’s meet the needs socially and economically.

  • Rural markets are situated in manufacture areas and mainly serve as places where the farmers deal with the traders and products can be sold.
  • Terminal wholesale markets are situated in main urban areas, where there is a trade between wholesalers and retailers.
  • Retail is types of marketing systems which have mostly progressed from street markets to the modern supermarket or shopping centers.

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What is marketing training? 

Marketing is considered as a major problem in the view of farmers. Learning new techniques, skills, new ways of tackling the problems and gathering information is necessary for successful marketing. The training is given to the farmers to overcome the problems of poor prices, lack of transport, poor harvest etc., this training is called marketing training. To know more, prefer online services provided by us for Marketing Agro Product homework help.

About the developments in marketing-

New marketing connections between retailers and farmers are progressively being developed. Donors and NGOs started paying attention on promoting the direct connections between farmers and buyers. Developments of regional markets are focused. Growth of super market is also one of the major developments.

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