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What do you mean by the terms markets and prices?

The term markets indicate the sellers as well as buyers for groups and services. When for a particular service or goods an amount of money is required to buy it, then it is known as Prices. Different items of different kinds have the different prices. This is why in the market, you cannot get any fixed price for all items.

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What are the factors those influence Markets and the Prices?

Some factors are important as they affect the whole Market and prices of the different items. These are as follows-

  • Demand – When demand of some particular items in the market increases then price increases.
  • Supply – When the supply is not sufficient according to its proper demand, then price increases.
  • Inflation – This affects the market and thus different items get its affect. Thus, prices of the goods
  • Market structure – Undoubtedly the price of an object depends on the structure of the market.
  • Competition – Price as well as market gets affected if there is competition in the market.

Along with the above factors you can also get that price ceiling, Price floor, and different others are there to affect it. Now, if you want to get an exact solution of Markets and Prices homework help. 

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