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Basics of Activity Ratio

Let us first understand what activity ratio is. The ability of a firm to convert the various accounts present in the balance sheets into sales, which in turn will bring in cash, is termed as activity ratio. It is used for determining the efficiency of a firm in terms of assets and leverage.

The financial analysts measure the resources which have been invested, and its output generated. This helps in obtaining a result of the company’s growth rate. These results are compared with that of competitors to determine whether the processes which that company is adopting are favourable or not.

Subdivision of activity ratio

Our experts at provide you with complete Activity Ratiohomework help. The topics covered are as follows:

  1. Activity Ratio Turnover Asset
  2. Assets Turnover Ratio
  3. Inventory Turnover Ratio
  4. Creditors Turnover Ratio

Analysis of activity ratio

Analysis of activity ratio helps any firm or any agency of sale in accordance with their assets that is determined there. For determining the activity ratio, cost of such goods sold and the sale figures need to convertin terms of rates (in years), and then the ratio is calculated.

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