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Measurement Risks- things you must know 

Risk measures are statistical measures, which are chronological predictors of risk in investment and volatility. It can also be said to a major component of modern portfolio theory. MPT is a typical academic and financial methodology for evaluating the presentation of the stock or fund of stock.

  1. Money at Risk 

One of the most conservative measurements of risk is amount of sum that is loaned or invested. The worst probable effect is that whole investment becomes useless, or it becomes borrowers default. A refinement is base of any possibilities to analysis. However, it requires a few assumptions, which are not mandatorily agreeable to any specific measurement.

  1. Volatility and Variability 

There are general risk measures with respect to the securities that are publically traded classes of securities yet. Historical data can help to assess all probable prices of future movements, in the light of historical fluctuations in price.

  1. Predictive Power of History 

Typical legal boilerplate on prospectus of investments warns that those historical performances do not give any guarantee of any future consequences. Similarly, in this correlations and probable relationships that are statistical measured in past provides only ambiguous indications of what future may clasp for comparable security or class of securities.

  1. Counter Party Risk 

Counter party risk is a type of risk that an opposite party has to any transaction like a firm in this financial industry, that will be unable to accomplish its compulsion on time.  Instances involve cash or delivering securities to settle these trades yet repaying the short-term loans.

  1. The role of Actuaries 

Actuaries are most linked with the analysing of mortality tables on behalf of the life insurance companies, performing a critical portion in deciding the premiums on the policies and payout schedules on the annuities.

There are five principle risk measures, and each offers a unique way to assess risk in investment that is under the considerations-

  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. R-squared
  4. Standard Deviation
  5. Sharpe Ratio

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