Mechanical Engineering: Last Minute Tips and Tricks to Crack GATE Exam

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The two most demanding segments in the field of engineering are Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. The widest and most assorted field of study in engineering, mechanical engineering helps in understanding designs and the process of manufacture of various machines. These machines can be of a miniature in size, can be large and used in industrial areas or can be of complex studies.

Defining mechanical engineering and the segments more focused on exams

The GATE exam is by far the most important and toughest exam for engineers. If you score well in GATE you can get placed in some of the best institutes of study. For those who want to study Masters in engineering, GATE exam can be your entry point. Scoring favourable marks here will let you get placed in some bets companies of the world after your graduation degree in engineering.

All of you might be afraid since your exams are nearer and it is necessary to revise on the chapters you have already gone through. To make things easier, just read onto chapters that are important and carry more questions than the rest. Here we shall give you a glimpse of the important chapters for you to revise and some tips and tricks to score better.

The courses included in mechanical engineering are heat, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, designing and drafting and many other. Those of you thin to specialize in this segment need to obtain a degree. There are lots of projects and assignments one needs to do while studying mechanical engineering course.

Those of you who are preparing for the upcoming GATE examination should start revising your chapters now. Since there are lots of chapters included in mechanical, it is necessary to put strength into all the chapters equally. The segments are as follows:

  • Designing:

The mechanical design is a very interesting segment since it includes designing, planning, management of quality control and various assertions of instruments of mechanics. If you are having good knowledge of physical science and engineering science as well, you can easily solve complex problems in mechanics.

  • Transportation study:

In order to keep a good balance in society and environment, optimization f transportation system is necessary. Those who are transport engineers need to work within-depth processes in order to understand the current day scenario of transportation. This needs knowledge of propulsion, vehicle dynamics, study of heat and others. A major portion of GATE includes this topic and you need to have a good tutor as your guide so as to solve problems from this chapter.

  • Manufacturing:

This segment of study requires vivid knowledge in manufacturing of various products. The procedure of conversion of raw materials into final outputs is all that you need to concentrate upon. For this, a designer from the field of manufacturing and mechanics needs to be consulted in order to design the product basics. You need to gain knowledge on statistics, designing and micro-processing too.

  • Thermal engineering:

GATE exam focuses on another most important segment which is thermal engineering. Here, each and every process of heat has to be studied. If you are interested in this segment, you have your choice to specialize too- in air conditioning, refrigerating, studying ventilation and many other interesting segments.

  • Power plant study:

The designing, manufacturing, maintaining a power plant with strategic efforts is what you need to focus more on power plant mechanics.

Dealing with assignments and projects

The exam fever continues as a student has to complete his/ her project or assignment too before the main exams. You can always get help from professional writers for your assignments there is a lot of stress, lots of pressure to complete syllabus, more anxieties of a student of engineering. Due to an increasing burden, some even quit midway too. Not only a tough course, sometimes it is the lengthy and complex projects that put extra burden over students. So that you can concentrate more on academics, there is professional assignment help online.

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With that, you become almost tension free. For students who do it themselves, sometimes get stuck in complex steps. There is no need to worry as you have good online assignment helping sites where you can clear your doubts anytime you want to.

Tutors who are reputed degree holders are allowed to handle your assignments. Accurate content, exact deadlines and proper guidance are what you can expect from these online sites. Assignment helping sites dealing with mechanical and industrial engineering use calculations as well as formulas in simplest ways. If you need an explanation of certain steps, there are tutors to guide you in better ways.

They are available almost twenty-four hours and only selected, intelligent and creative writers write your assignments. As you project and assignment gets ready, you are free from extra burdens of academics and preparations of GATE.

Tips and tricks for cracking GATE

Exam pressure means huge pressure. Since most of us believe in last minute revisions, due to utter tension sometimes we are still struggling with chapters before exams. Often, there are some friends too who mislead you, there are occasions you might want to take part and visit and many other conditions do arise just before exams.

Yes, it is tough, it is a long study course, but it is not impossible, is it? Only thing you have to do is to prepare yourself for the D-day. I would like to tell you, do not stop yourself from playing games, reading storybooks, writing your favourite diary, surfing social network, attending parties and lots of other stuff you want to do. These things that you love will only keep your mind fresh. It is advised not to overindulge in your hobbies though.

Avoid people who can create disturbance to your mind this time. The more you talk and discuss with them, the more they will disturb you. Focusing on yourself, keeping yourself happy, eating whatever you like will help you avoid outside reactions.

There is no need to worry if you are already done with revision for GATE exams. It is a bit complex and tough though, but securing good result is always in your hands if you are serious with studies. Performing under pressure can lead your mind to get confused unnecessarily. Therefore here are some tricks below that would lead you to better exam preparations:

Solve test papers regularly:

The best approach to get your concepts as well as formulas ready is to solve the test papers and evaluate your performance on your own. The more you get to understand the loopholes and problems you are having for certain chapters, the more revision is required. Consult tutors whenever you find there is problem persistent while you are solving the papers.

Utilize time by practicing questions. Such as- solve mock test on small topics, give specific course tests to clarify your concepts. Nowadays due to online indulgence, you get to have many other options to study too. You get to know various extra questions which can come during exams. Try to solve them with seriousness.

Switch between certain topics to gain confidence:

You can test your skills by shifting your focus from a topic to another one. This will help you avoid lots of confusions too. Develop and structure short notes too. Try to revise these notes regularly. Make a separate copy for formula notes so that you can recall the concepts faster. This will help you to switch within chapters easily.

If there are no notes ready, it is not required to prepare new notes at this last minute. Purchase a handbook available online on from market and start your revisions from there itself. Nowadays all handbooks are available at online shops too and one doesn’t need to worry about them.

Group studying:

Make a small group of your peers and start studying. One might think it to be a pressure but believe me; this will help you solve many queries. Your friends can actually help you in weaker sections and vice versa. If there are group projects too, you can help each other solve the same which will not only decrease your burden but create a good impact on all. Discussing chapters help you to revise them. Start with the toughest one where one can ask questions to others.

Keep your admit card in safety:

To avoid last minute confusion and hurry, it is suggested to get your admit card ready. Print a soft copy of the same and mail it to your own mailbox. This is because; if you misplace it by any chance, there will not be any problem. Drinking water, keeping yourself cool will avoid you from panicking during exams. We advise you to visit the centre of your exam in advance to get familiarised with the place. This will avoid last minute hurry to find venues.

Don’t overexert yourself:

Never ever lose your confidence since confidence is the key to success. Don’t over pressurize yourself or try to read anything extra before exams. Keep yourself cool and calm.

Study General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics:

These two subjects’ are most vital ones apart from what I had mentioned above earlier. They carry thirty percent of total marks. The more you are well with these two segments, the more you carry marks.

Try to practice with a virtual calculator so as to familiarize with the procedures and functionalities of calculator used in GATE. One can get it from their official website itself. This website also organizes mock tests for students and those appearing in these exams are well familiar with GATE.

Good exam strategy:

Each and every student has their own ways to tackle exam pressure. It is suggested to prepare tour own strategy too. Appearing in any examination, as tough as this one, without any strategy, would lead you to utter confusion and fear at the end.

It is advised to each of the students to read questions, go through options and mark whichever you can do. If there is any question that you find difficult, do not overindulge in that one. This will not only waste time and energy but also make you nervous. Proceed to next question with confidence and solve them.

Identify a question that is familiar to you. Start answering them first. Be sure not to make any mistakes. Whenever you are done with the known ones, attempt unanswered ones. At least solve some even if you do not know. Writing one or two steps fetch marks too. Lengthy questions should be attempted first which are generally unit based or conversion based questions.

The last and the final verdict is, GATE is an exam that can only decide upon your academic qualification. It is not the end of your life. Even if you prepare hard there are times when one gets nervous. It is nothing to worry about at all. Calm and self-confidence are what will lead you to success. It is advised not to attempt unreasonable ways to pass the exam. If you get caught, this might lead you to utter punishment.

You might pass; you might not get up to the mark or might fail. Never get sad if you do not score better, exams are but part of our lives. It all depends on us to do well. Even if you don’t get favourable results for first time, again attempt the exam with more confidence. You are sure to gain success.

Author Bio:

Maja Kazazic is a famous tutor helping out students just before their toughest exams. Helping out with assignments, projects and solving queries is what she love to do. He has done her MBA from the University of Duke and has over six years of experience in tutoring students.