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What is membrane process?

Membrane process is an integral part of the membrane technology which allows the transfer of substances between two fractions through a permeable membrane. This technology is a new emerging tech that becoming an integral part of many industries. Thus, it is essential to understand it from membrane processes homework help.


Membrane process is used in varied form in different industries. Its varied use is why you need to understand the process thoroughly with membrane processes homework help.  Listed below are some of the places and the forms in which membrane processes are used:

  • It is used in the form of cold separation in food technology, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical companies.
  • In the production of drinking water by reverse osmosis.
  • For filtration purposes in the food industry.
  • To recover organic vapours.
  • For chlorine production.
  • In waste water treatment.
  • Used to make artificial organs like kidneys and lungs.
  • Osmotic power plants.

Models of membrane process

There are two basic models available that exist to enable the mass transfer through a membrane and membrane processes assignment help helps you to understand that. These are solution diffusion model and the hydrodynamic model. While in the solution diffusion model, the mass transfer happens only through diffusion, whereas in the hydrodynamic model, the transfer of the masses happens convectively through the pores.

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