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Economics and finance deal in various management techniques, analytical tools, and financial indicators and standards aligned to achieve organizational objectives. Our team of experts at helpmeinhomework has brought methods of financial management assignment help to answer all your finance and economics queries.

The uniquely designed methods of financial management homework help includes comprehensive financial management on capital financing, fund raising, budget allocation and distribution of financial resources. It deals in effective financial risk management, profit sharing and other financial operations in the organization.

Goals of financial management

  • Maximize market value of equity capital
  • Managers are responsible to business owners and stake holders.
  • The goal of effective financial management is to ensure business’ solvency, assets liquidity and profitability of the enterprise.

Methods of financial management homework help elaborately puts forward tools and methods to arrive at the data required to measure health of the business. The data, in turn supports managers and CFO to achieve the goals of financial management.

The below listed methods of financial managements are by far the most effective tools to achieve the target.

  • Financial analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Current asset management methods
  • Methods and means of financing
  • Investment management methods

Methods of financial management assignment help discusses in detail the various methods and tools listed above.

Financial analysis

Based on various financial indicators we arrive at ratio and synthetic indicators to arrive at the financial health of the business

  • Cash flow analysis
  • Indebtedness analysis
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Profit analysis
  • Return on assets and activity analysis

Cost analysis

This can further be classified into tools that support the analysis to arrive at the desired data

  • Activity based costing
  • Breakeven point analysis
  • Fixed costs
  • Marginal costs
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Unit costs
  • Variable costs

Current asset management methods

  • Accounts receivable management methods
  • Cash flow management methods
  • Cash management methods
  • Inventory management methods
  • Liquidity management methods
  • Payment methods

Methods and means of financing 

  • Leasing methods
  • Long term financing methods
  • Short term financing methods

Investment management methods

  • Depreciation methods
  • Enterprise valuation methods

Financial management methods, on the contrary are dependent on various other financial indicators.

  • Profit ratios dealing in EBT, EBITDA, Gross margin, economic profit, net profit plus interest after taxes.
  • Valuation criteria for enterprise performance measurement that measures cash flow return on investment, cash return on gross assets and net assets among other parameters.
  • Cash flow ratios that measures cash flow liquidity, cash flow per share, cash flow solvency, debt relief level and debt repayment period among fixed payment coverage, price-to-cash-flow ratio etc.
  • Liquidity ratios that deal in cash position ratios, current ratios and quick assets ratio.
  • Profitability ratios measured by DuPont analysis, return on invested capital etc.
  • Investment evaluation techniques discussing internal rate of return, net present value and profitability index.
  • Debt ratios that is measured by debt coverage ratio, debt to equity ratio, interest coverage ratio.

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