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What is Microbiology?

The word Microbiology is consisting of two different words as Micro and Biology. Micro means very tiny, which can be seen only with the help of a microscope. Here, you can say about unicellular and multicellular, and the word Biology means the study of organisms. It means study of microscopic organisms is known as Microbiology. There are two different branches as – Pure Microbiology and Applied Microbiology. It is also used to study about acellular organisms in which there is lack of cells.

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What are the different subfields of Microbiology?

The different subfields of Microbiology are as follows –

  • Virology – This deals with the study of viruses.
  • Mycology – Fungi are studied by this branch.
  • Parasitology – Study related to Parasites
  • Bacteriology – Information related to Bacteria
  • Immune biology – An exact knowledge of Immune system.

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What is the importance of Microbiology?

The study of Microbiology is very important because it directly explains the different types of organisms and more than that, it also explains about the characteristics of these organisms. It means which one is harmful and which one beneficial can also be known. Though a number of bacteria are harmful, but a lot of there are advantageous and this the prime reason of this topic.

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